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How to Get High Quality Backlinks Ever wonder how to get your site ranked in the search engines in a short period of time? By building high quality backlinks, that’s how. So how do yu accomplish this? Build your backlinks from sites like Squidoo, Backpage, YouTube, Hubpages that all point back to either you website or your blog. Start building those backlinks and watch your sites sore top the top of the search engines .
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  1. AdrienneSmith40

    You are so very? welcome John. Glad you found it helpful.

  2. johnjcallanan

    That? was a great video, thanks Adrienne!

  3. AdrienneSmith40

    Glad you found it helpful, I appreciate that.?

  4. Huskerdarren

    Thanks Adrienne. I learned a lot here after not really understanding much about? backlinking to begin with.

  5. AdrienneSmith40

    Glad to have helped. ? 🙂 Appreciate the comment.

  6. Alaouinouh

    More info? on one video than what I could found in 2 forums.

  7. AdrienneSmith40

    Hey, thanks on the compliment of my? hair. A woman always appreciates a compliment. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed this tutorial. I do love helping others learn. Appreciate you stopping by.

  8. surinderoberoi28

    Hey Adrienne , I like your hair mate.. lol 🙂
    Cool tutorial .. ? got alot, Thanks..

  9. AdrienneSmith40

    Glad? that was helpful. Thanks for the comment, it’s always appreciated.

  10. JessBysong

    I was wondering how? google worked in regards to how they ranked information, now it’s clearer.

  11. AdrienneSmith40

    Thanks Terry… Thanks for the comment, it’s always appreciated. Hope that info helped and sounds like you are ready to get going. Good for you…?

  12. followyourbliss101

    Great vid Adrienne – nice extra tidbits at the end there too 😉

    Good reminder? for me to work on high ranking backlinks – I don’t mind other sites backlinking to me who are trying to get themselves noticed, but they aren’t helping my site so much.


  13. AdrienneSmith40

    I appreciate the comment, hope this info helped. Now go out there and build you some high quality backlinks. It’s a lot easier? then you think!

  14. 432dman

    Hey Great information,? Great insight.