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How To Get High Quality Backlinks To Your Website To put links into your resource box (in the same way I show you in the video) you need to use the code I showed you in the video… I tried to put that code into the video description here, but YouTube wouldn’t accept it, so you’ll have to refer to the main blog post to see the code (link above and below). You may also want to submit your articles to the top directories listed in the main blog post for this video on my site here: Thanks for watching!
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  1. kingtut147

    For every blog or article saying EZine is ‘quality’ there’s another saying it’s not. There is however 1 fact that is true (as told by Matt at Google) – after the Panda update Ezine lost 80% of it’s traffic overnight-not a good sign. As i said before I’m not disputing it has a role to play especially if ur writing articles for ur blog or w/site anyway, but i do still dispute the time versus? results effectivness of Ezine for bizs other than IM.

  2. IMAdventures

    Google does slap content from content and link farms that are not reputable. Ezinearticles isn’t considered by Google to be a content farm as far as I can tell.

    That said, they have suffered as a result of the recent updates, mostly because the outbound? links are often not of great quality (leading to low quality sites or even spammy content). Check out WebProNews for some good info on the post-Panda situation. It’s still good for getting backlinks and building reputation in any niche too.

  3. kingtut147

    I’m still not convinced that this site or any other content farms provide ‘high quality’ links in. They certainly provide ‘links in’ but their quality is suspect. Without question, Google actually ‘slaps’ content from farms like these since their Panda update but if you’re in the Internet Marketing niche it’s still a useful place to ‘hang out’ and create a presence but if you’re in any other niche your time is better spent creating backlinks on relevant blogs, YouTube or other Social Media sites?