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How to Get High PR Backlinks in a Jiffy!

How to Get High PR Backlinks in a Jiffy!

Please, do not read this article if you are “not” in a hurry! This is a one-minute, highly informative and straight-to-the-point article on getting High PR (PageRank) Backlinks free-of-charge, ASAP.

Let’s get straight to the point: You are reading this article because you want high PR backlinks in the cheapest possible way I presume. Well, I’ll show you the ‘back door’ way of getting hundreds of these links, free-of-charge!


Go to forums like WarriorForum. Search for people advertising or selling these High PR Backlinks.


Read their resume and check their own website(s) [the ones they claim have achieved Google’s first page as a result of these High PR backlinks].

Step3 (This is where the fun begins ; going through the backdoor starts here)

These people advertise their products then reveal the proof that these High PR backlinks have got one or two of their sites on Google’s first page.

That’s all you need, the website(s) name. You can leave the forum now – you have the keys to the backdoor!

Step4 (Open the door and gladly waltz through)

Go to Yahoo.

Type in linkdomain:theadvertiserdomainname -site:theadvertiserdomainame.

That’s it! You get to see ALL the so-called backlinks and the exact pages their links are placed. Just follow the way the links were placed and do the same. I wish I could give you examples/names of some of the advertisers, but I’m not here to get colleagues out of their businesses (because some do these things for a living), I’m only here to show you “How” to get these backlinks which I have just done.

To your success.

Wale William
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