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How to get High Page Rank Baclinks from Google for FREE

Learn the secret to getting High PR Backlinks from Google for FREE using Google Profiles.

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  2. Blogger | Seo | Adsense tips & tricks

    Great video. It requires some hard-work and patience.?

  3. Cryptie

    Profiles have migrated to Google+, and use the “nofollow” tag, so robots do
    not count it as a link. too bad, woulda liked this to work.

  4. Irshad Bhat

    greate video very helpful thank u very much

  5. Eric Johnson

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  6. Erskin Hansen

    I noticed that you pasted your URL address without the “h”. Little
    oversight that will turn up errors, but a great tutorial none the less.

  7. SEOrotterdam

    Very effective strategie!

  8. gonruben

    This tutorial is excellent,the only problem is that is 3 years old and i
    tried to follow this instructions,but is not the same,since google has a
    new updated profile version,can you please update this tutorial using
    googles new Profile version

  9. Spook SEO

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  10. sandrail14

    This will NOT GET you a backlink.

  11. seosnatch

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    Keep it up.

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