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How to Get Free Music: Google

How to get free music: Google All you have to do is put this code in google’s search engine and type the song before the code and your DONE! Code for Google: intitle:”index.of” “parent directory” “size” “last modified” “description” [snd] (mp4|mp3|avi) -inurl:(jsp|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml|lyri…
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  1. ntwansdt

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  2. EverythingElectric

    You can do it on any? internet browser!

  3. littlepkingfreind

    What if? you dont have firefox?

  4. EverythingElectric

    You will not get ANY? viruses! 😀

  5. videogamefan199

    Is this? legal and will you get viruses if you do this?