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How To Get Free Backlinks-And The Right Ones!

How To Get Free Backlinks -And The Right Ones!

It is fundamental knowledge in the field of internet marketing that traffic is the biggest factor to making money online. To put it simply, without traffic you get no sales. But how does one get that traffic without forking over any money at all? SEO is the answer. SEO stands for search engine optimization and defines the very essence of your site and places it on various rankings on Google respectively. The better your SEO is on your website, the higher you will rank, thus, the more free traffic you’re going to gather.

Enter the crime scene. One of the important characteristics of good SEO are backlinks. What are they? Backlinks are links of your website placed on OTHER websites, and the more of these you have, the better your rankings are going to be. Predictably, people go to stunning lengths to get as many of these precious links as possible.

However, many forget that although healthy links provide good SEO , accidentally getting the wrong links can actually pull the credibility of your site down, sending your rankings down the drain. In this article, you are going to learn how to get the absolute best links for free!

1) Blog Commenting
This tactic is surely the easiest and takes the tiniest amount of time to do. The idea is to go on blogs related to your own website and write comments on their posts. While doing this, you place a small link in the comment and when the comment is accepted, you’ll get a backlink. Many blogs offer a field box for one to place their website’s address in, so putting a link into the comment itself is not needed. But one very important detail for blog commenting is to look out for do-follow and no-follow blogs. Here’s the pudding: Do-follow blog provide do-follow links, which are the only links that search engines acknowledge and will count as backlinks. If you leave a link on a no-follow blog, it will not be recognized as a backlink and it will be null and void. For a tool that helps you differentiate between the two, look up NoDoFollow, an add-on for Firefox.

2) Article Marketing
As you’re reading this article, you’re in fact looking at one of my backlinking techniques. Article writing is a great way to get do-follow links, as most article directories are do-follow. The concept is this: You write articles, place links in them, post them in article directories and boom, you have a free backlink. But, this technique has a downside. Writing a single article can take hours, as you want to make sure you have valid information in them. And, you’ll need to write multiple articles to witness actual results. Thankfully, this issue is easily solved with article spinning software, which are readily available on the Internet, some even for free. What is spinning? It is the process of quickly reworking your articles so that they won’t be viewed as spam. Too many similar articles found will be penalized by the search engines and will render your links useless and, in most cases, detrimental. So be careful.

3) Video Marketing
This technique is growing stronger and stronger as we know it. The most effective medium for this is, of course, the largest video search engine , Youtube. This virtually untapped source for free traffic has much less competition and can get you on the first page of Google pretty effortlessly. So break out your camera and start filming! If you’re uneasy talking in front of a camera, not to worry, slideshows are quite effective as well. Make a simple yet informative slideshow on your industry and leave a link in the description box. This is one of the more surefire ways to get links, as videos rarely need to encounter pending intervals on Youtube. Youtube is not the only video directory available. Below is a short list of other sites you can post videos to:

Google Videos

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