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How to Get Backlinks | How to Buy Backlinks | “Do Follow” Backlinks

Learn how to get backlinks fast from This video will teach you how to buy backlinks and get “do follow” backlinks. These are links that are followed/tracked buy google and you get link juice for these links. You can also submit your website to blog posts and get backlinks when your comment is approved. Another method is to submit your site to directories like and http These sites have very high PR (page rank) and are the equivalent of getting well over 500 links for just 1 PR 7 link. Submitting your site to social bookmarking sites like and http is also another great method to drive traffic and get link juice. You can buy backlinks from but don’t buy too many at once or google might give you a slap. My favorite place to buy backlinks is http For more free training (a 26 video course, wordpress training series, and 2 ebooks on web design and social media marketing) check out What this video is about: How to Get Backlinks, best way to get backlinks, do follow backlinks, getting backlinks, quality backlinks, directory submission, best backlink service , best link service, linking services, Best seo service, best seo software , seomoz, seo moz, seomoz pro, search engine optimization, how to get backlinks, high PR backlinks, best backlink service , how to do seo , keywords, links, headings, tags, comments, likes, social media, how to make money online, best SEO services.
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