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How to download music from google

Here is the code for google intitle:”index.of” “parent directory” “size” “last modified” “description” [snd] (mp4|mp3|avi|flac|aac|ape|ogg) -inurl:(jsp|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml|lyrics-realm|mp3-collection) This video i will show you how to download music from google
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  1. gerhard3110

    Use Files365 .net instead – It’s an search-engine designed for finding? files in Index-Of-Folders 😉

  2. SamsungFSTP

    Good tutorial, but didn’t work for me. The best and extremely fast? download music source that I’m using now is topinweb . com . If you can name something of a kind that is as stable, I would appreciate that. Thanks!

  3. GrandTheftAutoF

    LOL ur voice cracking?

  4. ahenningfield

    your video says downlaod not go to a site and? click play and listen to it…we wanna know where the download button is dumby

  5. KingMikeisDaddy

    it didnt work?

  6. AndrosForever

    Your voice sounds? uber geeky haha peace

  7. phay24

  8. Verrsili1

    when i save the link it is? a firefox document so when i open it i just go to that page

  9. WiskyZ101

    some songs dont work for it and some do? sry

  10. WiskyZ101

    sry for the late comment L33TKOOP4
    but i think thats suppsoed to happen?

  11. L33TKOOP4

    I tried it? but no search results… 🙁

  12. HerrTiss

    google.cAAm? xD

  13. Cyang116

    this is? the best way to download mp3 Fast Free Less Popup almost non

  14. WiskyZ101

    i dont no am really sry i dont no if? it works on mac plus i dont have a mac am really sry man.

  15. jonno415

    how do you actual download it i have a mac and my web? browser is safari plz help!!!!