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How To Create Backlinks Using Blog Comments

How To Create Backlinks Using Blog Comments Crazy effective technique to get back links to your website or blog using other peoples blogs. Helps with increasing your …

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  1. TTSM197

    Good tip.. i learnt new thing today thanks for uploading

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  5. AskASearchEngineGuru

    Great idea, however I realize a faster solution to accomplish the same
    task, thru trial and error.

  6. joney islam

    very interesting Thank you for your video.

  7. tysonuk

    my comments never appear once i post on a blog! annoying

  8. saif1337

    @hughsie0016 can you recomend me some good blogs to post some backlinks?

  9. TheImageCORE

    This dude has a South African accent! #Proudly SA

  10. sukasoor

    use Backlink Beast software for another tricks

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  12. Anto Ramana

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  14. Carl Stanger

    Thanks for this – you’ve made it completely understandable – I was
    expecting horribly complicated html but even I can manage this I reckon!
    Would you recommend that you link to your homepage or your blog itself?
    Thanks Carl

  15. oDJOldskull

    Can I just add the website url into ‘website’ section in order to obtain a
    backlink or do I need to include it in the comment section? I’ve noticed
    that many of the bloggers are willing to delete such a comments if they
    contain ‘advertising materials’.

  16. hughsieonline

    @humilityclh . You’re welcome. I hope you get those much needed backlinks
    that will help get traffic to your blog and also help with the SEO for the
    search engines

  17. ninetwigs

    Great info sir. Thanks.

  18. Chua Lay Hoon

    this is great! I learnt something new.

  19. imgreatskizzer

    What happens if the admin (blog owner) does not accept your input, or
    modifys your comment to not include your link? please reply many thanks