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How to Add a Google XML Sitemap to Your Web Page

How to Add a Google XML Sitemap to Your Web Page

Step by step instructions on how to add a google xml sitemap to your web page .

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  1. JimmyDelong

    it was used to allow you to insert code onto your webpage for google’s verification.
    It’s a file transfer tool from your pc to your hosted webpage. (The video is old and I am sure many things have? changed but the process is still the same)

  2. asfandiq902

    And? What was Filezilla For??? 😛

  3. GadgetzVEVO

    ? i want help in that too

  4. nodes74

    Thank you ! Without your help, I will have never being able to do? it !

  5. rsdiqbalpk

    i want to buy? unlimited sitemap gererator but my country dsnt support paypal i have my credit card, can you help me please i can deposit in your 2CO account, you just have buy me site map via pyapal please.

  6. MyTomkaG

    I’d love to know How to register my YouTube channel to the google? webmaster If I have 2 google accounts ( User :1.mytomkag and 2.debiuziel ).I tried but …Thanks Debi

  7. geezermeezer

    hi there

    once we create the sitemap and upload it and? everything, how long does it take before google actually shows our sitemap when we search our website on the net?


  8. cyberaze

    Alltho sitemap.xml is now a standard we shouldn’t disregard natural indexing. Because most of the online sitemap generators do not allow more than 500-1000 URLs in the fitemap (for free) I’ve made my own online sitemap generator which allows up to 20.000 URLs and it’s free of charge. You can find it at: sitemap-xml? [dot] net

  9. troy0619


  10. JimmyDelong

    use the wordpress plug in.
    Google XML Sitemaps
    it? will make it a snap.

  11. JimmyDelong

    a site map is a listing of all the webpages on your site which the search engines use to crawl your page.
    (it makes it easier for people to? find pages on your site.)

  12. dannyownsyou1

    im sorry for soundin dumb but what is a site map ????

  13. JimmyDelong

    There’s actually a plugin you can use:? Google XML Site maps

  14. 307beast

    can u tell me how to upload a sitemap to my blog
    i’v tried it many? times but could not get it right
    need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ruphynres

    I never understood how to verify your domain in webmasters.
    do u upoload the? html file to root directory?

  16. tromboista

    I couldn´t hear the crucial info: where to upload it to: You voice just? went low and didn´t catch it if it was to the public folder or what

  17. flamezone1

    google gives me this…

    URL not allowed
    This? url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location.

    what do i do

  18. mermaid3152

    Hey that was? very informative… Thanks

  19. eamonncy

    good tutorial. clear and concise, thanks.?

  20. JimmyDelong

    No problem. things have changed since I made this? video. I just got started doing vids again so I will make a newer one for you all.

  21. EFProTrading

    Thanks a buch man, an excellent example for? us the web iliterates

  22. potatomani

    Man..thanks! I was using? ROR..It kept giving me issues…this one was easy!

  23. 2ndslave

    great vid, thx! you might also want to actually demonstrate using the ftp uploader during the? vid so people don’t get lost

  24. theboxinghistorian

    nice one? Jimmy. Big help

  25. igorrabrovac

    Thanks? man. 🙂