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How many pages can Google index from a single site?

Chris from the UK asks: “Is there a limit to the number of pages that Google will index from one site?” Recorded on April 23, 2009.

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  1. bigal21110

    internal? linking and external linking as well as amount and quality of content determined how many pages get index (along with speed of site and pages)

  2. lawtonweb

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  4. lawtonweb

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  5. kristyan11

    Matt: Yes Chris there is a limit, every page on my blog gets indexed, but you little shi*t site is not? important.

    The limit is small for ur site, but for matts blog we tweak it manually, here at google central.

  6. moneybagsuk

    as far? as i’m aware (so did nobody tell him?)

  7. SolarControlLLC

    Thanks for? all the fish.

  8. sapsion

    you dont need Matt to tell you that. Yes….these links will hurt? your site. Quality links will do your site better. Also…DONT BUY LINKS !!!

  9. ObiManMDQ

    “secret? pagerank scalling” LOL!!!!!!!!!

  10. SourcePatrol

    Please Matt! Can Inbound links hurt a NEW? SITE if the links are “spam” like links? You know… the 1000 links for $5 links ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. tattoos01

    Oh no, the secret pagerank scaling factor is out.

    Umm.. is that 421, 42! or 42ยน? ?

  12. cardologist

    Nice comment on the whiteboard :P?