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How Google sees your page We can spend a lot of time thinking about keyword research, keyword placement, meta tags and the rest of the seo stuff. But in reality the only thing that actually matters is how Google actually indexes the content on our page. After all if its not actually indexed we can forget about ranking for it. The easiest way of seeing this is to check our pages against the Google index . And its really rather simple. Now we can do this for our own pages, and also for every other page in the index, as well as our competitors. Now obvious there are many advantages in this, and one of the small areas where Google gives a clear idea of the information its keeping on out websites. If we know what is being indexed, we can change the stuff that doesnt work and do the stuff that works. We can check what text is visible and what JavaScript type content has been removed. Sadly, however, it does hot show what content is nofollowed, you know the rel=nofollow tag that Google introduced. We still need to use a Firefox plug-in for that. Watch the video and youll get what I mean or pop over to the site and watch the rest of the seo videos .
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