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How Fast Does Google Index Google Plus Content – THIS FAST! Curious how quickly Google indexes content from Google Plus? In this video Paul Colligan shows that Google will show Google Plus content in their index mere seconds after it has been published to the Google Plus Social Network. Only use this information for good.

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  1. LoveVideoMarketing

    Yes it indexes & displays fast once you are login but the tests I’ve done are completely different and much slower when you aren’t login. I was just wondering if you had seen the same? results

  2. colligan

    The goal was to show how fast Google INDEXES the content. Where is shows up, etc. is an entirely different situation – obviously dependent? on the circumstance.

  3. LoveVideoMarketing

    Paul have you testing? the results and speed without being logged in to google?

  4. colligan

    Thats what? it looks like.

  5. successhelper

    Wow… That’s impressive! I guess they do it in “real time”? – the instant you post your message.

  6. colligan

    Thanks? Mike.

  7. MikeTheGardener

    Good one, Paul.? as always…

  8. colligan

    Thanks man – enjoy? putting these out there.

  9. amidyousef

    @Colligan always enjoy? your teaching @amidyousef

  10. colligan

    Yup? again …

  11. CharlieVandersluys

    Wow,? again. Charles

  12. colligan


  13. RobReaume