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How do You Get a Website on Google – Indexing you WEB

How do You Get a Website on Google – SearchEngineOptimizationTECHNIQUES.INFO It is hard to imagine do-it-yourself search engine optimization actually working. It is even more difficult to believe that it can be done using mostly free tools. But then that is one of the really wonderful things about the World Wide Web – there are so many different ways of skinning a cat or doing the same thing and knowledge can save you more than just a fortune. Besides the truth is that so many web sites that are huge and popular today got where they are through the do-it-yourself search engine optimization efforts and skills of an individual. Before delving into the techniques that can be used for search engine optimization, it is useful to appreciate what search engines really look for and the reason why most web sites find it so difficult to deliver. What Do Search Engines Look For? In most of the search engine articles you read these days, search engines are portrayed as being quite similar to some serial-killing monster with no clear motives other than to kill and destroy. For instance shock outrage and puzzlement are always expressed when leading search engines change their rules. The problem is that most people forget that the competition between search engines today is so keen, such that their main motive can only be one thing – to become the leading search engine , and when they get there. To retain that position for as long as possible. It is rather obvious that to achieve this

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