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How Can You Obtain Quality Backlinks?

How Can You Obtain Quality Backlinks?

The professional SEO services must be able to find good backlinks for your website, and this is maybe the most important aspect of their activity. The backlinks are evaluated from the quantitative and qualitative point of view. From the qualitative point of view, those SEO services are considered by their age and pagerank. The quality backlinks must be made from pages with a greater rank than yours.

The professional SEO services must provide relevant links besides anything else. Considering the anchor text and the number of links, The Page Rank must be considered as a method to evaluate the efficiency of SEO services, nut as an exchange coin between webmasters. Although it is illegal, at least from the Google point of view, some webmasters prefer to buy and sell quality backlinks.

If you are looking for geo-targeted SEO , meaning SEO for a certain area, the quality of the link is also given by the IP from where the link comes from.

Subscribing the website to directories can improve the general online visibility of a website, but the professional SEO services must find good directories to subscribe your site with them. Some SEO services are based on automatic submission, a method that is not encouraged by Google, and it is sometimes not effective. Webmasters always fall into the trap of buying automatic submission to “hundreds of directories”, decreasing the quality of backlinks and affecting the image of the website on a long time.

You must also create quality backlinks within your site, sending the reader from one topic to the other.

This is a good method to keep the reader entertained. For example, if you are using a concept in your article that was explained in another article on your site, the inside link will allow the reader to understand the concept. Sometimes, the reader opens many pages at the same time from your site, and this is a great method to improve the bounce rate.

The bounce rate is an important indicator of the quality of professional SEO services. If SEO is done right, the visitor will not only look for your content, but he will also spend more time on your site. While the purpose of SEO services is to bring the visitors to the site, and this can be made with quality backlinks, your purpose as a webmaster is to have interesting content on the website, to keep the reader entertained.

Some people consider the interior links as a form of spam, but this affirmation is wrong. It is like your own method to create links to sustain your architecture, making easier for the Google robots and crawlers to find the pages and to index them. The professional SEO services must offer you plug-ins to manage the internal links easier, especially if you are one of those writers that post articles frequently. The SEO services come as a completion in this case, and the traffic generated by quality backlinks and good content will surely make you able to have a good online visibility. 

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