Home Google Indexed Pages How can new pages get indexed quickly?

How can new pages get indexed quickly?

How can new pages get indexed quickly?

Vladgidea from Romania asks: “How much time is Google taking to index a new webpage, and how can we accelerate the process besides using Google Webmaster Tools?”
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  1. Julesdoille

    I tweet new pages. ? Works super fast

  2. laatrevidaz

    I have a typo on my title of my web page , I corrected it, I re indexed the site and it still has not changed , it has on Bing but not on google. Is there something else? i’m supposed to do

  3. laatrevidaz

    I have a typo on my title of my web page , I corrected it,? I re indexed the site and it still has not changed , it has on Bing but not on google. Is there something else i’m supposed to do

  4. janeashelbacon

    Wow its? nice to have this video. I learn from it.

  5. Infinitiely

    The site who itself? has only page rank of 2?

  6. Infinitiely

    My? old enemy, backlinks!

  7. agapitoflores001

    A good way? to index pages.

  8. TWP924

    The best way we found to get links indexed quickly and automatically is BacklinkBooster(dot)com. It is super easy to use and it actually? works.

  9. IbnuJusup

    i? love google ..

  10. MarioSotoJr

    want? your site indexed fast setup a account make a few web 2.0 and social media settings send the link to the 40 ish sites on it will get indexed quickly. Doesn’t not mean it’s gonna rank lol That depends on what you do after it’s indexed

  11. JD0TPR0s

    If your looking to get? indexed by google fast, check my page. shows how to get indexed in under 1 hour

  12. GAM3RxHD


  13. Adsense22

    This nice video. Anyway I found my blog get indexed by Google fluctuate, sometimes it taked only 1 minute but sometimes for hours even days. what exactly is getting wrong? ?

  14. raisen90timpa

    LINKS FOR FAST INDEXING? NOT TRUE. I have a new Blog (a month old, just 6 backlinks) which posts get indexed instantly. I update my blog twice a day every day and at first Googlebot was lazy but now it crawls and indexes every post? within seconds.

    I guess that once Google sees a Blog is updated often it justs gets pings from the blog everytime a new post is made so Googlebot comes and crawls it within seconds.

  15. pakapoa

    men fuck this. what kind of fucking answer is that? so if you fucking new, how do u get cnn to fucking link to your site. yeah i have a solution, Xrummer will fucking get you backlinks which will get you indexed. it’s not cheap but neither is advertising? with google.

  16. estanuk

    What an absolute bullshit answer to the question, talk about contradictions. Cutts is always going on about how bad it is to acquire links in an ‘unnatural’ way, yet he says here that the best way to get indexed fast is to get links to your new page. We all know that ‘natural’ links take time to appear, so in my experience the? only way to get a page indexed faster is to do some manual link building which google seem to frown upon.

  17. baggens55

    well its only 2010…?

  18. noorgard1

    Site submission is also FREE. just thought I would mention that:) PS. I like what you guys did in 2011 with the local search. ?

  19. tomeudotcom

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  20. jupiterscastle

    google should be replaced with? a different company , they think they are the king of the world, i can’t wait until some other company takes over and indexes all the sites and not just what google wants to index. google sucks, you have to kiss their ass every damn day ,

  21. stussyboys

    you will have to wait a few years before u get anywhere u really? want to in terms of search position trust me haha

  22. pcmatt2000

    I agree, but you need to get your pages indexed first .. right?
    then work at? getting ranked. 9 err well.. Onsite SEO comes 1st) then ………

  23. stussyboys

    getting ur site indexed and coming up top ten for the serahc [hrases that you want are two different things?