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High PR Domains – Buy Or Not to Buy

High PR Domains – Buy Or Not to Buy

Domain name is the very first thing that any person needs to consider while thinking of getting a business online. Domain name is very much important thing and must be chosen carefully as the domain name will represent your business online and help in online branding of your business. Normally your business website name should be same as that of your business or products name. However a lot of web design or search engine optimization companies recommend business owners to get websites other than business names. Such companies normally tell the business lots of profits of the domains that they can get like:

1) Keyword rich domains: Marketing companies may suggest that they can get keyword rich domains for your business. SEO companies might tell you that keyword rich domains will help you in achieving higher search engine rankings for your website but trust me keyword in the domain is not the only factory that decides rankings in search engines and you can see lots of websites without keyword name in the URL ranking in top 10 results.

2) High PR domains: PR or Google page rank is an important factor to evaluate a websites value in search engines particularly Google.

However the PR website name that a company may suggest you to buy for paying hundreds of dollars is not a good idea. Buying a domain with your business name for 5 to 10 dollars is the best thing to do. No need to spend your money to get high PR domains.

Reasons not to buy high PR domains:

1. PR is not permanent: Google keep on changing page rank algorithm regularly and nowadays PR updation has become more frequent. You can observe PR update on weekly basis sometimes. So it’s not worth to buy a high PR website name and then see its PR dropping on next PR.


Uncertainty of Google’s behavior: You can’t predict how Google will react to the domain you purchase when you upload the website with new content and new design.

3. PR is not everything: PR is not everything for your business. Lots of things are responsible for your online branding. If you have a great website and you offer quality products or services then your website will surely get good Google PR. PR is a secondary thing and you should consider about PR after you get your business website up and running. Once you website is up you can


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