Home Free Link Building Hak5 – Building a high performance home router

Hak5 – Building a high performance home router

Hak5 - Building a high performance home router

Make your home network scream with a high performance router and firewall. Darren builds a custom network appliance using cheap parts, free and open source software and more power tools than he’s typically allowed to touch. Plus, need an online backup solution? Fancy 50 gigs in the cloud for free? Shannon’s got the hookup.

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24 Responses

  1. stefanskarbinski123

    They didn’t hak? it xD

  2. vistapro42

    Same thing that happened to Backtrack? 4, 3, 2, and 1: THEY SUCKED.

  3. OldSerpentOfSin

    Hak5 ran into them in? a dark alleyway.

  4. tworoelio

    You missed the BIOS? I? think you probably missed a lot more….

  5. bton8phunk

    please post links to parts asap? or email

  6. vkelsov

    Too? bad Paul associates himself with JB products… XD

  7. TehBANN3D

    where can i get that? atx header? And does it work on all mini-itx mobos? (I assume it’s just standard 12V DC, so I dont see why it wouldn’t)

  8. Javierm0n0

    overclocking? failure?

  9. heroneos39

    what would i search for that? dc connecter

  10. heroneos39

    anyone know the video for the? wireless one

  11. acecoolman123

    Namecheap is? better

  12. Sigrafix

    Yep.. it’s old, but not that? old.. Lol.

  13. Deadmausdude

    is it a? 64 bit prosesor?

  14. Deadmausdude

    what is the name of the os??

  15. Deadmausdude

    i dont think it is so safe to hold your main board…i think you destroyed it..?

  16. ikkel33

    Hak4, 3 2 and? 1 was hacked and shutdown by hak5

  17. MegaDeathwarrant

    You guys dont know shit about computers theyre? called picopsu

  18. videogamer1010

    Oh,? sorry I had no Idea

  19. lyianx

    Hak 1, 2 and 3 were destroyed by sabotage,? Hak4 disappeared.

  20. AlwayzPr0

    DHS shut? them down

  21. Sigrafix

    Heh.. I have an old AMD 3800+ 2GHz Dual core with 3GB of RAM laying around.. need a IDE to SATA (mb only? has sata) adapter so I can use this old drive.. HD’s are way too expensive right now.

  22. camperJ

    if? your watching this for the first time just skip to 22:00 the rest of it is commercial and daren fumbling with the case


    numbers go forever who cares if its Hack -3.56?

  24. frank14725

    Yeah I’m looking all over the place it’d be nice if he would? have said what it’s called to begin with.