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GWT Can Help You Create Amazing Web Apps

GWT Can Help You Create Amazing Web Apps

Fred Sauer, a Google Developer Advocate, talks about Google Web Toolkit (GWT), an open-source web-development framework that helps Java developers build and maintain sophisticated JavaScript-based web apps (all in Java). In addition to providing an overview of GWT, Fred also touches on lessor known features and focus on those tools which are particularly useful for larger, more complex projects or in environments where the are multiple developers which need to collaborate on a single application. This talk was: – Presented by The San Francisco Java User Group – Hosted by Google – Sponsored by Guidewire Software, Sun, O’Reilly, and JetBrains – Organized by Marakana
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  1. karley vega

    ur sad if u watched this whole? video

  2. karley vega

    ur? a fail if u watched this whole video

  3. Samuel backus

    I want to see more? presentations like this.

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  5. hootyhaha

    I just noticed that this was uploaded in 2009. ? Have there been any more updated videos on how to create aps using current programs?

  6. henryhamster01

    great job, I am a bit reluctant to use GWT in my next app because I am just so ingrained with JSF2/server side coding, I just have so many questions about? GWT and partly the confusion is because of enhanced GWTs like smartgwt or gxt, i love their UIs (I really need a tree with full editable support) and now i am wondering how difficult it would be with vanilla gwt (no offense) if u have any suggestions please let me know rfwalker AT thanks again

  7. perltyr

    2 thumbs up Fred. ?

  8. pdp8a

    You, sir, are an excellent? instructor.

  9. estufa88

    Thank? you

  10. Ross Orr

    Good? presentation.

  11. Vinicius alvarenga

    thank? you!