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GOOGLE vs YAHOO – Search Engine Rap Battle

Google and Yahoo trade nasty punchlines in the Search Engine Rap Battle. There are three separate battles MSN vs Google, Google vs Yahoo, and MSN vs Yahoo. Produced by Beau Lewis, Peter Furia and David Fine. Directed by David Fine. Created by Seedwell. ————— LYRICS Yahoo: His skin is so pale, he’s already fatigued The only sports you play are in my fantasy league Look at this guy, hes so white that its scary This guy is whiter than Sergei and Larry I heard your new motto for saving the world You do no evil, if evil’s a girl My design is the biggest, yours is much smaller That rainbow is fruity, like your free Odwalla Uh, and who’s countin too? You asked Jeeves for a brokeback mountain view You haven’t changed your style since 1992 You cant get my name out your head, Ya-hoo! Google: Who is this guy? is he still alive folks? I thought he died with Alta Vista and Lycos Im smarter than you, and you know it, its sad Thats why you pay me to serve all your ads You got no game, youre old like Atari, I tried to load his homepage – it broke on Safari Tell me cowboy, do you feel lucky? Im the good, hes the bad, youre just the ugly Trying too hard, your design is insane This guy has an exclamation point in his name! You wanna test my manhood? you’ll see my stock rise Lets both lift our hoods and compare index size
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25 Responses

  1. 676unknown

    Google killed it?

  2. laureenweber


  3. PataponFTW682



    Google is? a pile of shit. Yahoo has more options, and besides its Google who ruined YouTube when they bought it.

  5. krome6200


  6. 93techkid

    It is fair because well…

    1. Youtube did not make or upload this video so its neutral

    2.? Google did not make youtube, google bought youtube around 2005ish

  7. guillaumeurbisschred

    Google didn’t exist in 1992…?

  8. iMatt1801

    Google, then Bing, then? Yahoo!.


    Yahoo has the best sports! !? !

  10. bluepainter1000

    google? is the winner

  11. everymac1

    Yahoo yahooo!!!!?

  12. ikmal017

    Fuck Yahoo,? propaganda shit news everyday

  13. hoonaignachowaneha


  14. kabouterwesleygieter

    Wait a second, this aint is fair. YOUTUBE? is from google…

  15. AGLAproductions

    Check out our Channel and watch? an Actress-Stripper Raps

  16. SkidittlesMusic

    lo lthey say 8 bars but? spit 12? smh.

  17. ashwadhwani

    Check out this HIP HOP? FOR RON PAUL youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=EqG-apYD­_lA&feature=channel_video_titl­e

    In progress ,? Studio + mic version soon
    Check out the Futurezone channel

  18. Cormac123456789

    Anyone know the instrumental??

  19. ssmit422

    No idea what yahoo is. I’ll google it.?

  20. fabiobettinassi


  21. otamanlvhs

    yahoo? you lose as search engine.I was probably searching in yahoo no more than 2 times for 6 years of using internet.

  22. MrDavidX96


  23. bellicjr

    Duck? Duck Go !

  24. jippi786a

    the mc is the most annoying guy ever…? damn!