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Google Technology RoundTable:Search Infrastructure & Quality

Google Technology RoundTable:Search Infrastructure & Quality

Hear from Google Fellows Jeff Dean and Amit Singhal as they discuss Large Scale Search System Infrastructure and Search Quality with with Alfred Spector, Google VP of Research and Special Initiatives.

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  1. joergenvig

    Could anybody help me about the names the guyes mentioned. I think? I heard Hans Peter Lund, from IBM .. but cant find anything by …. Google… :-/ . Thnx

  2. TheCorporateSamurai

    It’s done by data streaming/replication processes, probably by Oracle database services.?

  3. TheCorporateSamurai

    Serious innovation is being done if you watch from min. 20 onward. Exciting? advancements are being made in information technology by these gentlemen.

  4. TheCorporateSamurai

    These guys are Hero’s of the Search Engine industry. Experts in the field and amazing minds behind the driving force which is Google.?

  5. param2u

    interesting..would like to know how the data flow from a parallelization perspective as discussed in this video?

  6. poncho208

    I am into programming and I know the effort and complexity of the lines of code involved in the query’s, I just? want to say good job to all those engineers.

  7. 19hendry90

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  8. Vasumanxcg

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  9. sreekHi

    There exists nothing like a? perfect search algorithm.A good algorith is the on close to a perfect one.