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Google SketchUp 8: Solid Tools

Learn about Solid Tools in Google SketchUp 8. Download at
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25 Responses

  1. Jules Gercy

    Snot english !? tis American dialect of english.

  2. AdeonWriter

    Outershell can be used? the same way as union, just make a window or door or something to avoid making any airtight pockes, and they won’t be removed.

  3. sakotch61

    good introduction, and very sexy voice…))?

  4. Makzimiser

    Fallout guy??

  5. genomexg

    Could you please tell me? how can i repair these errors from the video bellow:

    Thanks in advance.

  6. ScotsFurian

    Yea . If you really pay attention the presenter actually tells you this. Only Oyter Shell is available in the Free Version. These tools I believe are a new addition to version 8 and were not available in prior versions. So Intersect, Union, Subtract, Trim, and Split are only available if you purchase the pro version! This is obvious from the Tutorial and you shouldnt have needed to ask this question ! Jo Jo does not PAY ATTENTION IN? CLASS !

  7. jojo2003

    Are those solid tools for SU Pro only? I just? cant click on the buttons on my SU.

  8. alejate14

    I like? her voice ! 🙂

  9. alejate14

    you have? a lovely voice ! 🙂

  10. SquirrelFromGradLife

    It the most fucking annoying? voice ever and you’re disgusting..

  11. TheJuli1241

    make evry geometry a group? dude!

  12. apinafilms

    omg pipboy!
    someone call? copyright knights to slay googles arse xDDD

  13. RedRose1240

    gay boy!!!!!?

  14. BalintusxD


  15. enderzand

    Go win or go home…?

  16. letsgetverydrunk

    mmm, reminds me of? illustrator

  17. TrisirisatayawongTan

    i cant even use any of the tools. It says ‘Not a Solid’?

  18. aryoseno11


  19. aryoseno11


  20. 100hajji

    that’s completely unclear ?

  21. AdeonWriter

    I wish they had a cheaper? pro version for personal use.

  22. southpawami

    Agree with webtrekker, boolean tools is available? nearly everywhere.

  23. doveisgood

    wth sketchup pro only :(?

  24. zzking96

    what’s up with tha? thumbs down dude lol

  25. webtrekker

    UNBELIEVABLE!!! This program is at version 8 and only now supports boolean operations! It costs £330? too …..