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Google Search Tricks and Tips Tutorial

Use Google as your: – Online Dictionary with define:word – calculator for formulas and conversions – World Time – Local Movie Showtimes – Search for Music files using: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:”index of” +”last modified” +”parent directory” +description +size +(wma|mp3) “title here” If you like the video please rate, comment, or add to favorites. It is an amazingly easy way to help me out :). If not its cool! OFFICIAL PCWizKid WEBSITE: SECOND CHANNEL PCWizKid’s Blog.: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER
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  1. PurPlezz75

    i gotta do a review about? this video for hw for ict —–.—–

  2. keitaroupassionmode

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  4. keiekeijjiji

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  5. mahia chowdhury

  6. T800a1

    If I don’t have a caculater? why would I have a computer or a laptop?

  7. Snelafvallenin1week

    Really? nice tips!!

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  9. Connie Ferreira

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  10. musicNDL

    I hate this video. like, I? really hate it.

  11. torridscene

    Probably the most useful and informative video on? YouTube I’ve seen in months. Congrats.

  12. G0DblessC0D

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  13. prettyboyredbx

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  14. Connornewson

    I? had to watch this for homework!

  15. MegaRob2

    This guy has the most boring voice i have? ever heard it just stays at the same pitch for 6 and a half mins i got fed up after 27 seconds

  16. CattleCluj

    Find music faster:? type in THEPIRATEBAY

  17. minniedogify

    Very? cool

  18. saunapossu1

    Teacher asks: ”how many seconds is on a year?” Me yelling I think that 31 556 928 : )” Teacher: ” O________O”?

  19. nosleepforaweek

    i think were now both? confused… :O

  20. lukeacharles

    what was it again?

  21. nosleepforaweek

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  22. nosleepforaweek

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  23. deividas56

    Thumbnail = Google Porn coming soon…?

  24. lukeacharles

    Wow yall herd the new sound heard when u like a comment!? thtas badass!!!!!