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The Google Penguin algorithm turned out to be a great change in English SEO industry, resulting in a black hat and white hat SEO practitioners caught restless. Feeling a sudden no matter to where all can see the big cattle are those who flaunt SEO experts, faced with keywords from the previous stable top five until now simply not have the last name, stunned, and looked sluggish seems to rivers and lakes never more than this about SEO has been the death of the gossip (whether the argument is not a joke). Exactly like a situation I have come to ..

April 29, 2012 “Panda after the penguins, the ranking algorithm to promote SEO techniques to update the article, emphasizing the penguins of the Google algorithm update. In 10 days time, we have a large number of foreign trade website tracking and observation, and also some well-known foreign SEO blog has done some research. Now we can conclude that: Google’s launch of the Penguin algorithm is to attack those who exist to optimize the excessive and spam the site. Then how this penguin algorithm change will be some search engine optimization over the place adjustment? This is the answer given to us this article. Penguin algorithm to clean up the object

First, we clear on two elements: the this Penguin algorithm is aimed at optimization of the excessive and spam sites to clean up and down the right.

Optimize the over-the algorithm update, mainly for the use of SEO techniques, a keyword ranking push. Specific practice of keyword stuffing, perfectly matched and consistent anchor link text as well as unnatural outside the chain. The Penguin algorithm in optimizing over the entire station and page down the right, but only for the optimized keywords. In other words, the optimization excessive, the weight of your website and ranking will not drop your pages weights and ranking will not drop the traffic (long tail), you will have a significant focus on optimizing the keywords ranked The degree of decline.

Spam sites, divided into a spam source site and the presence of spam sites (What is a spam source? Can refer to our previous article “trust ranking of search engines and anti-trust ranking algorithm”). The former refers specifically to the use of mass tool for site information, and the construction of the outer chain; the latter site there are a large collection of content and a variety of illegal violations. If the site is classified as a spam source, may lead to the site as a whole (Domain Level) affected by the down the right; Similarly, if the site of memory in a large number of spam also may be subject to the impact of this penguin algorithm.

For Penguin algorithm SEO adjustments

As an SEO , we need to do is to challenge the search engine algorithms, to find a balance between the “Allow” and “allow”, then this equilibrium point extended to the surface, thus affecting our site. Penguin algorithm update is not terrible, but the frightening thing is that Baidu will learn to Google to do some change on the algorithm. This would be the SEO of our domestic produce a heavy blow.

A rainy day, how to avoid these potential risks, to adapt to the problems brought about by the Penguin algorithm. The author’s ideas are as follows:

Over-optimization: we see, search engines have begun to reduce and combat the effect of exactly match the anchor link to a page. According to the observations of penguins algorithm, we can see that the appropriate choice of “an exact match anchor links section matching the anchor link”, as well as the entire article title link the effectiveness of the search engine seems to be better.

In other words, 20% -30% matching anchor link tells the search engine of this article with which keywords related to weight (70% -80% partial matching anchor links and the whole title of the article links to enhance page right Page the Level Authority), this approach should be feasible and reasonable and natural.

Spam: At this point, our foreign counterparts farther. They observed that a Gmail mailbox and found this sentence: Click “learn more”, we have seen so many words:

Gmail uses automatic spam detection system model to analyze and predict what types of messages are deceptive or potential threat. The following is the mail marked as spam consider a number of factors:

Adult content and know-how “to get rich quick” usually related to content with spam

posing as “returned mail” response (if the mail is undeliverable because the recipient’s email address is invalid, you will automatically receive a system-generated e-mail) e-mail

account or IP address from the sending of spam e-mail

with other Gmail users’ behavior, for example, many users report spam from a sender

to consider the theme, spelling and formatting elements such as and suspicious attachments, the

language used in the similarities between e-mail to your Gmail language preferences and other spam or phishing messages

Foreign counterparts, the study found, the algorithm of penguins on the identification of spam is the use of Gmail mailboxes anti-waste disposal algorithm. Focus:

Information published on the Internet, and other spam or phishing are similar, the information is judged to be spam; the

information posted on the Internet, if the text is different from the published Web site, were determined to be junk information outside the chain outside the chain of mass tool (multi-);

information published on the Internet, adult content and know-how “to get rich quick” is usually related to content with spam was determined to be spam;

to The information released from the spam source IP address was determined to be spam;

There is also a: a lot of relevant information and site content is judged to be spam.

Solution 1. anchor text diversification

If you build itself outside the chain, you are probably already made the decision to spend much time or energy to do what anchor text is outside the chain should reflect your target keywords, and what they want to make him look more natural and not for the purpose of a ranking. Although you probably have more or less aware of the chain are taking into account the two types of outside, but a lot of SEOer election difficult to select the first class of the outer chain, it is true, a lot of manpower and material resources used to create can not be directly attributable to outside the chain of rank is a very boring thing, but now you have to ensure that more than 50% of the outer chain anchor text is outside your target keywords. You used what anchor text? Assessment data from the AB test, the anchor text such as “ the” MySiteDomain


like operating a real business to operate your SEO website

In hand, Shanghai amount of site data analysis process, we found that the biggest problem is that those who look to the website of the Trade is just from Google to get traffic to make money web site performance is much better than those a look. How did all this mean? Many factors, one attempt to get traffic from sources other than Google. Not only make your website it would be to reduce dependence on Google’s transformation seem the vagaries of the search results, and those of other traffic sources will certainly indirectly help you Lord standing in the search engines get a good ranking.Penguin Re

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