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Google+ Local Training Day 15 Backlinks Galore

Google+ Local is not like other sites because they don’t look at any backlinks built to their link for authority. But, all other sites still have backlinks leading to them and that is what Google looks at when they look to rank your local Google+ Local listing. So, what is the best way to build backlinks to all the other sites that are giving you authority online? Campaigns! Getting a bunch of links from one place is okay, but it looks unnatural, so Google sees that. But, when you build campaigns they look way more natural and they give more authority. Also, building a bunch of links all at once is also unnatural and Google knows this. They actually want to see you build links consistently and daily. But, campaigns will be set and forget and go out every day building links on a consistent basis. So, you can either spend a small fortune getting someone on one of these small task sites and get unnatural links, or you can use a great tool like Magic Submitter to set up a campaign once and have it run all month long. Remember, you have to use all the categories and keywords as anchor text as well as citations wherever there is room for a description or an article/blog. Magic submitter allows you to build campaigns and backlink your backlinks which gives them more power. Magic Submitter Spins And Submits Your Articles, Videos , Blogs, And Press Releases To Over 500 Sites And Gives You 1000’s Of Backlinks Automatically…. Plus You Can Instantly Add 100’s Of Additional Sites

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