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Google I/O 2012 – The Web Platform’s Cutting Edge

Dimitri Glazkov, Alex Komoroske From embeds to widgets to managing complex applications, you constantly face the need for better componentization as a web developer. Many-a-lines of JavaScript have been written to alleviate this problem — poorly. But help is on the way. The web platform is gaining a powerful new set of capabilities designed to better help you build robust, reusable, and packageable components. We’ll cover what they do, their status, and how you can start playing with these powerful emerging technologies today. Most importantly, we’ll show you how to get involved and help influence their direction as they mature. For all I/O 2012 sessions, go to

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24 Responses

  1. SixDigitGoogler

    What version of Chrome do? you need to view the shadow DOM?

  2. dmg46664

    If you’re using something like GWT, this talk is irrelevant! Indeed what the authors are trying to do is make DOM? elements as powerful as Classes in a programming environment. However, that can never be true without providing not only encapsulation but polymorphism/inheritance/generics etc etc etc. So if they succeed, GWT library developers will merely swap out the low level implementation and won’t effect GWT users, if they don’t succeed GWT users will also be unaffected.

  3. Xavoop

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but what if I want to use jquery? in one of my new web components. How will that work?

  4. Xavoop

    This? is extremely exciting. Can’t wait to get to see it in prod and other browsers.

  5. Mankepanke

    I wonder why so many desktop apps are starting to move to HTML+JS+CSS and not the other way around. Qt? has CSS, so does GTK+. Metro uses it. Mac OS dashboards do, as do a lot of mobile apps.
    After all, they’re not even close to the 80s’ technology, right?

    Encapsulation wasn’t even that common in the 80s (or possible to this extent), so everything you say is a lie, posted to cause blowback, and *that’s* what trolls do. Sorry. 1/10, would rage again.

  6. Mankepanke

    Yeah, because user interfaces in the 80s could be serialized and sent over the internet to be displayed in a multitude of form factors, including TVs, cell phones, desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets. They could also be styled in so many ways you could make pretty? much anything.
    It’s strange how the web could be so large when everything was possible using 80s technology.[/sarcasm]

  7. rolandk

    You can’t invalidate a fact based statement by using the word Troll. That’s what trolls do. ?

  8. Mankepanke

    Troll harder? and your mom might love you again.

  9. rolandk

    the web is so broken that people regard as revolutionary what? user interfaces do since the 80thies.

  10. emrahatilkan

    Volume level is suck dude, people can’t hear? from smart phones.

  11. MonkeyMoonShine

    Does’ it seem strange there is a hidden third programmer. What every happened to him.

  12. rajukonga

    foo there is bug? in the presentation document

  13. Steve Lee

    Hmm, it does rather feel like web devs are starting to adapt/need basic good software engineer techniques, but with a web spin. Eg read Code Complete by Steve? McConnell

  14. allcilagdo

    i like the? presentation of Steve jobs

  15. Jesse Hattabaugh

    Sounds to? me like these guys are from an alternate universe where XHTML2 actually caught on

  16. StephanieLoveful

    raise the? volume, stupid!

  17. tiksseven

    Please fix up the audio? and repost this! Thanks.

  18. kurrator1

    HTML? JavaScript? CSS? JQuery? Other? In XXI century?
    How many languages you have to know to get a god damn web app up?

    Thats why I use JavaFX or native apps (Android) for content delivery.
    HTML &? JS mess still in 2012? What the hell !?

  19. ostal1

    sound is to? quiet

  20. TheVarsIT

    So, this is the worst speech? to text translation I’ve ever seen.

  21. Mankepanke

    This is big enough to warrant the label? HTML6! 😀

  22. ryuunin

    all the web standards are a patch on patch on hack? around patch to feature

  23. yorrd

    google’s got it….?

  24. ? ?

    pooe? sound