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Google I/O 2012 – New YouTube Android Player Tools

Ross McIlroy, Anton Hansson If you are building Android smartphone, tablet or Google TV applications and want to incorporate high-quality YouTube video playback in your product this session will rock your world. For all I/O 2012 sessions, go to You can find the slide deck for this presentation here:
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20 Responses

  1. kphamcao

    why? is there no sound???

  2. sleepnova

    So where are the API?? How can I use them?

  3. ShadowriverUB

    Well theres? web IDEs showing up

  4. ShadowriverUB

    hmmmm YouTube got PayPerView options for YouTube partners as i remember but im not sure if it works with live streams,? you could base it on that somehow :>

  5. ShadowriverUB

    I heard Google recommend there employees to use Linux and OS X over Windows for security :p Since OS X got? a little bigger selection of software then Linux (most notably Adobe products) they pick OS X more


    Shoot. I need this api badly for my project..But according? to some articles that i read , is only going be release a few months later which would be too late.Does anyone knows if there is an “experimental” version or a “beta” version for this api yet?

  7. hondastyper

    They use Macs and iPads because for the apple is not a competitors. They know they are? superior than apple.

  8. jonmo12

    Because? they want to?

  9. jlmknight

    im confused why are they using macbooks? and the ipad at google i/o?

  10. prguitarman1

    Thumbs up for Nyan Cat? and Keyboard Cat cameo!

  11. alwafealwafe


  12. StErMi87

    I hope that this new Player will allow VEVO and others publisher to open and don’t restrict content streaming for? mobile platform… thumbs up please!

  13. ketalreddy

    When is this API released ?? any ideas or guesses ?

  14. RachelKreutz

    The Gloto video from 16:00 is available? on YouTube if anyone’s interested:?

  15. moemoneysouth

    wow that last dude made? things way to complicated … if you don’t want the ad to play go to the youtube video manager settings and disable monetization for the specific video .. (O_O)

  16. moemoneysouth

    dude pay attention … he clearly click the full screen icon to enable full screen mode wow how do they let people like that even go to events like google I/O asking dumb questions and not paying attention to? detail

  17. moemoneysouth

    pretend like your punching the person in front of you? ? promoting violence i see google …. i want to work for you .

  18. moemoneysouth

    march in place …. their creating zombies? lol

  19. Davidoff808

    Can this be used to serve protected content to my paid app? I’d like to provide streaming video to users who have purchased my app, but not to anyone? else over the web or otherwise.

  20. Tizovi

    Watching this from my Android handset? using youtube.