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Google I/O 2012 – Keynote Day 2

Google I/O 2012 - Keynote Day 2

Video footage from Day 2 keynote at Google I/O 2012

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22 Responses

  1. Mitoful3000

    12:51 I´m still? laughting about his face when he realized that he just copied S. Jobs

  2. johnchen0213

    shit.? REALLY??? OMG PROFITS!!!

  3. settingdawn

    Watch the first keynote. Developers were handed? a Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Q and one other thingy.

  4. xReizs

    it’s not true?

  5. Willsterdude3000

    When he said “And also the inventor of Incognito mode” I straight away thought “The dirty bastard!” haha. Although I guess the feature was more intended for accessing things like bank accounts online where you? don’t want the browser to remember information for other users sharing the same computer/account

  6. Willsterdude3000

    I’d use Chrome more frequently on my Mac if it didn’t have that problem where it doesn’t load Facebook properly (when clicking on hyperlinks to different parts of Facebook), resulting in a mostly? blank page except for the top navigation bar, activity sidebar and chat sidebar.

  7. sulabhgupta

    Most of the people? outside of US get phones unlocked. I’m not sure if people like you can afford a 650$ iPhone which is what the carriers pay Apple.

  8. jMerliNz

    The real question is: how much does it cost to run an app? on 600,000 cores for 1 minute?

  9. hppavilionization

    Your phone needs to be at least? on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above to be able to install Google Chrome.

  10. irvin295

    I made chrome my default browser lol and I also use fire fox? and opera

  11. bishwa adhikari

    why is this google chrome incompatible for? my phone samsung galaxy s advance

  12. EnergyBeam4u

    switch to? chrome, its so much better.

  13. Glenndroid

    Firefox user but

    Watching this on? Internet Explorer XD

  14. YOYO30STM

    thumps up if u r watching this with chrome.what the? hell I’m saying? of course everyone is watching this with chrome

  15. kiutukri

    yah no kidding.? We are the products. They sell us.

  16. mohammad rashid

    google? doesn’t make the products, they make the main software e.g android, chromium, chrome etc.

  17. kiutukri

    Google totally sucks. They? not only make cheap products, they give a shit about the android developers. Their business model works ONLY for themselves. I don’t know a single android developer that made a fair revenue. Apple business model it’s more fair for everyone. The only reason for success is because the poor people in China or India can’t afford an iPhone.

  18. Borinquen12347

    Why hasn’t my Xoom? gotten Jelly Bean yet, Google? You said mid-July. I guess that was a lie.

  19. kjdavey

    Looks like they found somewhere to put the ‘wave’ tech? that was developed a couple years ago but never really took off.

  20. LukasFT

    I am asking? the same!

  21. LukasFT

    Android came first, so iOS? wouldn’t be there either

  22. johnchen0213

    you don’t walk away? with $1000+ brand new merchadise…. You only walk away with nexus 7. You have to buy the rest