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Google I/O 2009 – Search Friendly Development

Google I/O 2009 – Search Friendly Development Maile Ohye Learn techniques to help bring your site more users through search engine traffic. This session focuses on how to maximize your site, your content, and your application’s exposure to search engines . For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to:
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  1. alonghorns

    no, mater how great the information is in a video if you can not hear it, then? the information is useless, that make the video as useful as the information that is presented.
    google please make a new one, like a “Google I/O 2012 Search Friendly Development” and spend some money in post editing and make a better quality video

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  3. Mujahid Zahid


  4. TheVictoriaquinn

    very good especially for IT students and other related courses!?

  5. curtgavin1

    im 16? and i have no idea why im watching this but its kinda interesting… lol

  6. DartGreene

    It is too complex with regards to? creating Search Friendly Environments.

  7. ncntn01

    CS E?

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  11. Bravo97779

    Hmm.. I think I lie this, but the sound is almost to low to hear. Is it just me?? 🙁

  12. Dragonich777


    It? has 15,000 views….

  13. Dragonich777

    ONE HOUR AND six? seconds…….

  14. 3n3rg14

    work? for google! what do you need more ??

  15. lollypopstar70

    Really useful presentation – found myself? taking notes!

  16. SolarControlLLC

    Great video for help with your site’s? SEO.

    It was a professional presentation from Maile whose love for her work really shows.

  17. medialinkers

    I also have another question…. WHY IS? SHE SO HAPPY ?

  18. medialinkers

    My question is : As she said geo targeting through TLD or through google webmaster tools. Does Google consider this geo targeting while we use that country in keyword search or Google grabs your geo location from IP and shows results accordingly. To put same question…will “Web design in japan” or “web design” with my physical presence in Japan effect this geo targeting described to? Google ?

  19. hapa50

    Awesome presentation!
    This? was very helpful.
    Thanks Maile.

  20. lancswingchun

    How does this not have more views – great? video

  21. arthurakay

    Excellent video.? Lot of good tips in there – thanks for posting!

  22. Eruonen

    Very useful,? thanks!