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Google I/O 2009 – ..Scalable, Complex Apps on App Engine

Google I/O 2009 – Building Scalable, Complex Apps on App Engine Brett Slatkin Creating relatively simple applications that scale with App Engine can be easy after the initial learning curve. But larger applications with more complex functionality are still hard to get right, especially when you need to scale. This talk will go over more advanced data structures and techniques to use when building complex web applications with Google App Engine, and how to make them scale. For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to:

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  1. bzikofski

    Use headphones to listen? to this.

  2. fiatjaf

    Use? subtitles.

  3. GirlieBlues

    This? topic is really complex.

  4. ping2ravi

    Any one know to write this part of code in JDO(18:14 min in video)
    indexes = db.GqlQuery(“Select __key__ FROM MessageIndex Where? receivers = :1”,me)

    keys = [k.parent() for k in indexes]
    messages = db.get(keys)

    any idea?

  5. yaroukh

    oh? nvmnd, forget it 🙂

  6. yaroukh

    Is this Python specific? The? guy is referring to ListProperty which smells like Python?

  7. jfeilds123

    Nice Video got my game from? newfullgames , com

  8. cermilbonzo

    Very useful and insightful. More real world examples on the best way to model our data and why do it that way on the? app engine documentation would be appreciated. Thank you.

  9. yCherkashin

    Awesome question handling skills.?

  10. yCherkashin

    Me too. Reversed polarity or something. It’s like placing the speakers behind? my head in reverse order.

  11. bustrofedon69

    I? has audio problems