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Article by silvia

Google Indexed Fast mode is an easy easy difficult things can be difficult to reverse is also hard to easy, why did I say that? Sometimes because of the Google Search Engine has been delayed or slow to detect practically or index of articles we post, well in this case I will try to share a few tips that we post an article just now able to fast indexed in google, such as it is as follows:

Original 1.Konten not copy and paste the results

Please note that articles from the copy and paste very large influence on the Search Engine , if we’re not good at good at the technique certainly copy and paste into Google Sandboxnya often, and if you have entered do not expect Google Sandbox can be read or indexed by search engines other than google: DIt took quite a long time to get rid of google Sandbox if we do not really know know tekhniknya.Jadi better try what we post is purely the result of typing or writing our own hands, despite what we are posting it has been written by someone else.

2. Use Meta Tags

Two things are most important in the use of this meta tag, namely Blog Description and Keyword, of these two things if sudah fulfilled I feel it enough, which is important not to get the similarity between the blog title with description of his blog, because it could result in our blog is considered spam, such as I have never experienced.

3. Registering Blogs On Search Engine

Registering our blog on search engines is a very good tips on appeal the use of meta tags, because if we had enrolled our blog on search engines is a lot we can certainly blog indexed, in this case by registering on the three search engines alone is more than enough, namely on the Google Webmaster Yahoo and MSN Webmaster or Webmaster Bing actually there’s another one that is Dmoz, but if you register on the site Dmoz quite difficult than others, because Dmozyang as interpreters are not machines but human values, while also Dmoz not accept if our blog content is not English.

4. Wearing Sitemap

Sitemap is also very necessary for all articles that we post can be indexed by search engines , so at the time of registering our blog on the search engines do not forget to enter blog sitemap kita.Sitemap presence in Webmaster tools, then there is a submit sitemap.

5. Ping Servise Blog

And for ease in getting good keywords you should use keyword elite software

If indeed we are posting articles that want faster, then we also need to use a ping tool for our blogs that I normally include use is, Google PingYahoo Ping Ping and there are two more complete tool again to do that is Pingomatic and servisenya Ping Pingoat.I think the tips above is more than enough as long as we work diligently and patiently only: D, and hopefully our blog Google Indexed Fast.

I am a freelancer who frequently make any article and it would be very nice for me, and my site

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