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Google Hacks Volume II

More cool google search strings that bring up things you may never had expected! More vids by me on or net For the record: “robots.txt” “disallow:” filetype:txt intitle:index of ws_ftp.ini intitle:”index of” passwd passwd.bak
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25 Responses

  1. systemerror11

    um, define “bad”.?

  2. halfeveil333

    is “robots.txt” “disallow:”? filetype:txt bad?

  3. halfeveil333

    Lulz? bro

  4. anonismorefun

    do you use tor?? are there better IP hiders? and what of using CMD to hax? are there ways to hide IP? on CMD? plz gimme infoooo

  5. Crunchie127

    lol it sed black? history!!!!

  6. hongfisac

    hey! does this still work? howtoebooks helped? me get an ipad 2 black for free

  7. 24rhino1

    lol “Oh dear god…” uhmmmmmmmmm….? world on terror…..blah blahh…. xDDD

  8. peppahcorn

    how do you hack usernames of? paysites…..just curious X3

  9. MegaBidders

    You sound like Adam Sandler? lol 😀

  10. Bireverything1000

    Dude The police is probaly gona arrest you?

  11. ilovepolice1


  12. punkeralien

    Dude? u should make a new one

  13. stupidgaga

    1:29 HE SOUNDS LIKE ADAM? SANDLER! thumbs up if you agree

  14. CrazyJayFx

    Man no? offence, but u sound like happy gilmore

  15. Rebelstar25

    can u use this to find passwords for myspace, facebook etc. i dont want to steal passwords im just kinda curios as to if? its possible.

  16. williamwallacee

    you take to long to get into the point>
    ? just over a? minute

  17. donutbroom

    I can hack email.100% Free. Just watch my video. Never pay? anyone anything to hack for you. its easy!

  18. Syfos1

    Dude, this is sick xD
    But how did you find out those things yourself,? just type something in?

  19. sddsdd100

    @systemerror11 make more google hacks volumes please can you??

  20. isveryniceyes

    Dude, you are the best!!! I loved your movie Happy? Gilmore!

  21. thenumber1duffy

    pause? at 1:21 and you see 911/sept11/2002/text……… wow

  22. 1crida1

    youtube wouldnt let me? post link by its self so u have to remove the ( ) around the dots

  23. 1crida1


  24. 1crida1

    lol i did the last hack u said and went on the MIT page u were on and started looking around and? look wat i found……………..

  25. nickspace10

    white house holy crap!? lol