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Google Hacks 2.0

This tutorial shows you security issues with Google that can allow you to hack other people’s sites. Use this video to make sure your site is secure. PAGES THAT CAN’T BE SEARCHED “robots.txt” “disallow:” filetype:txt FTP PASSWORD HASHES intitle:index of ws_ftp.ini intitle:”index of” passwd passwd.bak FRONT PAGE HACK inurl:_vti_pvt “service.pwd” PHP PHOTO ALBUMS inurl:”phphotoalbum/upload” VNC HACK “vnc desktop” inurl:5800 ….all the way up to 5806 PRINTER CONTROL PANELS intext”UAA(MSB)” Lexmark -ext:pdf inurl:”port_255″ -htm PHP ADMINS intitle:phpMyAdmin “Welcome to phpMyAdmin ***” “running on * as root@*”

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24 Responses

  1. shawnaeappleby

    I also? tried dah vid cam…And I needed a password :/

  2. shawnaeappleby

    I used the printed hack thingy and send a photo to sum1’s printer and it said “Haha? b!@ch ..U just got hacked” …Only to hear my mom scream in the other room saying “Page ! We’ve been hacked ! ” ._.

  3. halfeveil333

    4? realy bro?

  4. halfeveil333

    you? did that?

  5. faisalXAlqahtani

    awesome man. But thats not hack this is normal? things.

  6. qusaisaher

    secure ur stuff?!!
    u told 400k people how to? hack ! lol

  7. qusaisaher

    god !? thats still work!

  8. livekid24

    with this info ill? be unstoppable! >:D oh man my computer crashed

  9. ictfree

    N!CE hack?

  10. sDInfuze

    I watch all of? gigafide’s videos in one block, several times in a month, and every time I go back I find a new one.

  11. sk8teroflive999

    sames? 😀

  12. tooproguy

    HI all,this is the famous 2011 AMAZON MONEY HACK? 2011 /watch?v=stY1nR1RN_c

  13. maiser16xvi

    iphone? lol

  14. 0oDarkLordRevano0

    holy fuck the ACTUAL shamwow ad was at the begining? of this video :/

  15. gerhard3110

    Use Files365 .net instead – It’s an search-engine designed for finding files in Index-Of-Folders ;-)?

  16. 0oDarkLordRevano0

    upload a dick pic to? a photo album

  17. MOCROstryder

    i found the? zoo

  18. rtggaqrgaqewhgaws

    /w w w. whitehouse. gov/ feed/ media/ video-audio plz tumbs up so people can veiw? this page

  19. rtggaqrgaqewhgaws

    idk y i? cant add urls

  20. rtggaqrgaqewhgaws


  21. PokeGypsie21

    Wow! 😀

  22. rangermatt97

    Is the security? camera thing… LEGAL?

  23. CyborgAtheist

    how did people discover this? ?

  24. Jacksack123b

    *uses? google and hacks* hey….is that my mom?!