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Google founders page and sergey

Article by Jion

Google founders page and sergey – Business

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Larry Page (brief, 1973.03.26-a benchwarmer), the full name Lawrence Edward Page (Lawrence Edward brief), Google search engine , the founder of one on April 4, 2011 Page as Google CEO official.

Larry page was a university of Michigan Eta Kappa Nu of honor society. At present he temporarily from Stanford university institute of computer off its guidance, Ph.D. Professor is dr. Winograd Terry shoot. Google is brief by Stanford university in the launching of the research project of change.

Sergei-sergey was born in Moscow, is the university of Maryland, honor graduate with math and computer professional bachelor’s degree. Then he was admitted to Stanford university computer professional education. He is from the institute of computer class, dr off to developing the Google company.

Google search engine from larry page and sergey sergei in Stanford university does a research project. Rather, they are the most start in the dormitory for crude do research, it didn’t take long to move into the garage. Like many inventors story about, they finally in small garage made big project. Page said, and then they both lend money, professor, everywhere relatives, friends, as long as it is to get people to borrow, fortunately, two people “stumbled” to start the search engine engineering a immediately available and rapid development.

It is said that two people in 1995 at Stanford university know not “hit it off.” When two people are a Stanford university master degree, page 24 years old, sergey 23 years old, two people in an alumni conference meeting, and they all have strong opinion, when differences of opinion are eyeball, no matter what problems will discuss almost quarrel. But eventually the two are in computer science to solve the biggest challenge “ search engine ” problems found in common.Early in 1996, page and sergey began to research cooperation, entitled “BackRub” search engine in the first half of 1998, to gradually improve the technology, they began looking for partners for the technology. They find yahoo, one of the founders of the David filo los. Philip los think their technology is really a very reliable, but suggested they build a search engine company business development and up to consider the cooperation.

At Stanford university, page met sergei cloth Lin. They began collaborating in 1998 running Google. Google to his patent based web page ranking to using PageRank. They also built a spell of plastic board of ink-jet printer.

When the two founders in 2001 hire Eric schmidt for Google chairman, chief executive officer, resigned from the presidency page. Now the three cart has been driving the development of Google.

According to Forbes’ rankings, page 2011 to $ 19.8 billion in property, so that he became the world rich. 24 He and sergei sergey buy a Boeing 767 for their personal use.Hard pioneering work

Eat your face innumerable after page and sergey decided to start your own business, but their hand only a bit of cash to buy a large amount of data because of the plate and the packet to research and spent. Their a teacher, is also one of the founders of the micro system from Andy don’t Hector’s Tim and at key moments of great help to them. Don’t Hector’s Tim and it is a very visionary, watching their demo, immediately opened a check for $ 100000 to help the company founded Google. After two people from family and friends there, borrow money raised $ 1 million as the original investment.

On September 7, 1998, Google in California, he founded the parker. A friend to page and sergey office at the time of the garage seems to have good, have a washing machine, and the water heater. They hired first staff Craig hill eph Stan, hill eph Stan is now the company’s technology director. GoogleIn February 1999, they moved the new office, although conditions are still humble, but better than the garage, a table tennis table is regarded as a formal meeting places, 8 employees in the office all turn but body, a man will go out all must got up and taken up stool to make room for.Development course

Sergey and page two people make a good team, and to attract a large number of have the ability and loyal employees. The beginning of foundation office although crude for employees, they still as far as possible to create comfortable working environment, they outside on the lawn of the mushroom, raises a dog, special please cook for employees to cook, held every week two hockey game. The company now has more than 2000 employees. Sergey said they must make the office staff willing to stay a place, so every day now offer what became two meals even the important decisions of one.

Just a few short years Google will quickly become the largest search engine , and to yahoo, aol and other directories and search engines provide background index page inquires the service. Now Google search requests of every deal with up to 200 million times, this number continues to grow. Through more than pages of 30 were finishing, Google can around the world to provide suitable for user demand of the search results, and search time usually less than half a second.Achievements of

The world’s most powerful, into the biggest Internet media company. As early as in 2010 on October 12, GOOGLE and Microsoft market value of $ 171.73 billion and $ 212.79 billion, respectively, by January 21, 2011 tencent 349.282 billion yuan (us $ 53.05594 billion) baidu $ 36.61 billion alibaba 85.044 billion yuan (us $ 12.91818 billion) netease $ 5.11 billion sina $ 4.82 billion $ 2.53 billion before such as domestic sohu several network the sum total of the market value of two for $ 115.0439 billion, and it is at most GOOGLE’s half.

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My name is Jion , this website contains a great high quality products such as China CNC Turned Parts, Stamping Mould Manufacturer, welcome to visite CNC Machining Parts .

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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