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Google Developer Day London: Earth, KML and the GeoWeb

Do you want to reach the largest possible audience with your geospatial data? If so, then KML is the answer. KML is a file format used to display geographic data in a geo-browser, such as Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Maps for mobile. We’ll give you a tour of what is possible in KML and show you how to create your own custom map layers. We’ll also talk about how you can help Google to index your geospatial content (KML, GeoRSS and more) so that we can send more search traffic your way. With Google Earth product manager, Peter Birch

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  1. VSchestakov

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  2. pufixas

    You? can see that it is very low quality

  3. TheSilentdarkmuse

    They’re Google, anything can be possible? for them ;), okay not to talk about face book here 😛

  4. brandon619anderson

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  5. inventorkid13

    how the heck did you get an hour long vid into a 100mb file what compression did? u use

  6. albertox

    more geovisualization at albertoconcejal dot com /geosign dot? htm

  7. mozvidz

    The Photo overlay is great! Though i am still having problems viewing the buildings at an angle, couldnt i? just type the distance from the ground and maybe direction to get the view?
    Otherwise on a lighter note, I would have voted for Google earth if it were nominated for new7wonders!