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Google Desktop Being Discontinued?

What’s next after Google Desktop?!/TechDisruption http://techdisruption.blogspot…

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2 Responses

  1. Edward Imbier

    I, too, miss Google Desktop on the Mac and the PC. It brought web search to
    the desktop, with snippets of the document using the search term. I found
    Copernic Desktop for the PC has nice filters and sorts, but misses snippets
    in the results.

  2. Denise Hess

    Your assessment was right “on spot”. It’s been a year +/- since they killed
    Google Desktop.For those of us not as computer savvy as you & your
    colleagues, I think what Google did was purely sneaky. I’m sure there are a
    hundreds of thousand such as me, who’ve spent hours & hours searching for a
    product we believed still existed! Google advertises its “GREATNESS” in all
    aspects of searching. How low of them to not make this “news worthy” so we
    didn’t waste our time searching for this d/top.Thanks