Google Dance

Google Dance
Roughly one month once Google will update the page ranks for all the web pages that they have crawled. The period of update is known as Google Dance. The page rank calculation has to be performed nearly about 40 times, this is because the page indexes are so large and the calculation will take several days to complete. During the calculation period the search result fluctuate, even minute by minute also. Because of this the term Google Dance was coined.

As a part of Google dance Google has two other web servers that can be used for searching. During the page rank updates the search results on those two will also see a change.

Apart from the updation period, fluctuations may sometimes occur in the search results but it should not be confused with the Google dance. This is due to Googles fresh crawl and it is known as Everflux.

It can also be said that Google dance is like a predetermination of when the actual update will initiate. What really happens in search engine is that Google sends a spider to crawl the net usually done on domain name server. On spidering the spider will go through the available table and it will start to go through each individual website and then update the contents in Google. So when you have a look at your page rank in Google toolbar you easily tell when your overall page rank has been modified.

Understanding of search engine optimization is very important to understand and improve the overall ranking of the site. Still webmasters are looking at some ways to find the next Google update. But this is quite difficult, there are numerous versions and servers that go out and crawl all the servers at a time, so it takes some time to relay and translate the information back to the web server that is where Google collects its necessary information.

Still some webmasters have written programs that actually move out of the data centers to find exactly when the last update was kicked off. Depending on the information got the exact time and date for the next update was pinpointed. You may think that is there any advantage in doing that? It depends, it is a very important update then you have to optimize your site accordingly, and you have to keep your site fresh and relevant with good information.

Google uses many data centers to spider all over the globe. Each center has its specific region to cover and all the information are gathered in aggregate and it is returned back to the to populate. So with the availability of many data centers there is a continuous chance of indexing but it is not guaranteed.

For most of the people this event may not look so important. But for those in the field of search engine optimization it was a period to note. Because web pages get temporarily dropped, this even last for a day which make the people to panic. Then they are re-evaluated and better place is given to them and the things come to a normal position.

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