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Google Books Settlement Agreement with Authors and Publishers

Google Books Settlement Agreement with Authors and Publishers

Learn more about how Google Books works and the recent settlement agreement between Google and a broad class of authors and publishers. Please note that this agreement resolves a United States lawsuit, and therefore directly affects only those users who access Book Search in the US
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  3. vargulf19

    Parking for? Public Library: $0
    Walking into Public Library: $0
    First library card: $0
    Card/online catalog: $0
    Reading through books in library: $0
    Checking out a book: $0

    Why are they suing Google again?

  4. F1sh9811

    Copyrights!? Bull! So do they want their book? to be read, or just bought?! Do they worry about the money, or about their literature or point of view being seen? If the author really wants to write a book because they like it, then make the books free damn it!

  5. majams19

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  6. AshmosesIII

    Note that I don’t mean to say that we should get rid of copyright. We just need to seriously revise it to make sure it’s? not about making companies richer but about maintaining the rights of the authors. Publishing via Google Books could actually be a profitable idea for many authors, but it’s obviously contrary to the interests of existing publishers (what about exclusivity and such). I’m as squeamish as the next guy about Google becoming OmniCorp, but for the time being, they do a lot of good.

  7. AshmosesIII

    Google is a company alright, but not everything a company does for selfish reasons is ultimately bad. Compare Microsoft’s treatment of Open Source with Google’s for a quick? example. As a matter of fact, the copyright holders (the publishers, NOT the authors) are companies too — what makes you think their motives are purer than Google’s? They’re afraid of becoming redundant, not of authors not getting paid properly (which has been *their* doing for the past 500 years anyway).

  8. boldertits

    Online books will have a big market.
    Real books will still be the? best.
    Looking at a screen hours on end is bad for you.

  9. CamiloSanchez1979

    He looks scared xD?

  10. TerazHuta

    You stupid GoogleSlaves. You have already been transformed into one, dead overmind, who controls your souls. Get ready for revolution! It? is coming under the flag of eRistocracy!

  11. TB674

    google will? never die!

    fuck microsoft

  12. hanga73

    yep, great, got it!
    many thanks ? :*

  13. halaoui

    When you run? a search, select “Full view only” from the “Show:” dropdown menu in the blue bar (right under the search box). This will only show you books available in entirety.

  14. LordMortex

    Fuck copyright! -.-
    All books? should be public domain, after 20 years!

  15. drealm

    i really don’t appreciate your strict totalitarian interpretation of what is actually the most flexible free? language in the spoken world.

  16. SauronsEye

    Since you’re being so vicious in your attack on someone’s grammar.

    Might I point out that you spell, “idealising” and “romanticising” with S’s, not Zeds.

    It’s called the English language for a reason.

    Please maintain correct English spelling.

    It’s only due to the cancer that is Microsoft word’s spell checker that? has allowed the semi literateness of so called US spelling to expand outside the US’s border.

  17. siddkulk

    On a more serious note, don’t you think this service has actually ushered in? a new era of communications…….!!! Strange if u dont.

  18. drealm

    you fail? at basic grammar and think your above the laws of the english language.

    i’m sorry but i will not stoop to arguing with a person who wouldn’t use this service anyways.

    it’s clear your idealizing and romanticizing the use of this service as if it was a new Victorian era being ushered in. but whatever, believe in whatever you want…i guess…

  19. siddkulk

    I? expected you to point out just that, nothing else……U passed the Turing test for dumbness, you dumb ass…

  20. pmunchie

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  21. hanga73

    is there a filter or a search clue to find out which books? are available in their entirety and which are only partially readable? I couldn’t find such a guidance

  22. drealm

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