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Google Annual Stockholders Meeting 2008

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, David Drummond and others speak at Google’s Annual Stockholders Meeting in Mountain View, CA, on May 8, 2008.

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25 Responses

  1. drgdrf

    Frigidaire are? such whiners.

  2. 1234fivedude


  3. Prabhi117

    KONY 2012?

  4. aJustinBieberSongs

    The STockholders 😉 Google Love? them.

  5. 123shansun

    Google = rights? to free expression.

  6. EFFIsAFraud

    when is your copyright office going to stop fucking around and tell me what they are doing w/ the 2 DMCA counter notices?
    3? yrs of this fucking bullshit.
    And having the Hopkins MN police harass my 70 yr old mother was the lowest dickhead move ever

  7. Kyithios

    They only have this many views because people generally don’t watch these kinds of things. And yet, people will watch them for documentational purposes, as you did? yourself.

    Google’s one of the good companies out there that you can count on to never disappear, so it helps to know what’s going on with the stockholders sometimes; makes me want to invest a bit, but not because it’ll get my really bad videos views, but because I like the company and it’s affiliation with YouTube.

  8. OhCurt

    It’s? very tempting. LOL

  9. MesiabLabs

    Buy one share and you can go to these? in person 😉

  10. OhCurt

    With as focused as Google is on advertising, I’m actually more? amazed now after watching this and the 2009 meeting that the advertising on this site isn’t stronger by now.
    But very cool that you folks upload these for us to see. It’s sort of a shame that these each only have about 12k or 13k views.

  11. nikopian1

    Still,? google is awesome!

  12. nikopian1

    “Amnesty International is one of the leaders responsible in stopping [Israel] from defending itself against terrorists”… Despicable.
    The truth? is that Israel is the invader that is not done invading Islam.
    Yes, the warfare is Asymetric, but how else do you expect one to mount an efficiently effective resistance to a invader that is supported by the economic-industrial machine that is the USA?
    Too many sophists, too little philosophers these days…

  13. nikopian1

    google is more powerful than it lets itself know ; and? with great power comes great responsibilities…

  14. tm1348

    Idea? place to work

  15. semiliteratedgod

    scary stuff:)? MAYBE it’s time to slice google into pieces..?

  16. StormJB1

    thats the shit side of going public.even though you make a lot of money? you have to constantly answer questions to directors.

  17. Gaffapediahus

    The man who dont like amnesty international should also? go fuck himself

  18. GsmVortex

    @greg5566, I guess it was because of David’s size… nothing to do with his? race (btw, what the race has to do with breaking the podium?)

  19. vsenderov

    they should? really put more emphasis on breakfast since it is the most important meal of day 😉

  20. greg5566

    Why did he tell David not? to break the podium? Is it because David is black? That’s so racist.

  21. greg5566

    Okay, I need to stop looking at these videos. I think technically Google is an amazing company, but I am getting really tired of the Google “culture.” “Lunch is really important at Google.” How about go fuck yourself.?

  22. eversincealways

    I can do w/o Nikes & OS? X.

  23. cybertron2600

    I still dont understand why google doesnt challenge china’s? request… and not just give in to it. Strange.

  24. snouter

    As a stockholder myself, I find it strange there is no split. ? Actually, a 10:1 stock split would be appropriate.

  25. stoppedcode12

    PROTIP: Don’t let the? shareholders ruin your shareholders’ meeting.