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Google Annual Stockholders Meeting 2007

Google Annual Stockholders Meeting 2007

Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, and others speak at Google’s Annual Stockholders Meeting in Mountain View, CA, on May 10, 2007.

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  1. jasonjeffrey33

    Well,? I am grald that my Google Adsense was suspended, As I make more now with BreezeAds(dot)com So forget adnsense and sign up will make more, they give 90% of what advertisers pay….

  2. qwertypluss

    larry page is strangely? good looking

  3. luitatseng

    thank to? all google guy. : )

  4. 1a2asdf1a2

    all valid points. you bastard, i hate (having to) swallowing my pride. thank you for enlightening me with SHIT I ALREADY KNEW,? WISEASS. ok, no, no, you are the gay, you are the porn. in any case, HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!! sergey brin/ sergey’s ass kiss/ head of google’s PR department, (signing) out.

  5. PabZ2K

    Technically, YouTube is? Google’s property. Yes. But Google didn’t start video sharing, it was YouTube. All Google did was throw a wad of cash at three 20 somethings, and they caved in. Or should I say cashed in. Google has tremendous buying power now. If a company has a great idea, they just buy them.

  6. hikimenwaza

    Let’s see some of your Academy award winning? videos.

  7. gavriela

    ok send this? to five other videos in 143 minutes.When you are done press F6 and your crushes name will apear? on the screen in big letters this is weird because it does work.If you break this chance you wont have a crush in the next five years

  8. orhankalayci

    Who have recorded this video?
    Whoever it is, he or she doesnot understood the usage of video cam. This video has no added value over recorded voice.? We need to see the presentations instead of speaker. We can already hear his voice we need to see what he is showing.

  9. 1a2asdf1a2

    thanks, dude. that is intereseting that they dont respond to comments. im surprised (i also dont believe) that there is no one from googleplex who would post on behalf of google. btw, how did you get your? hands on this video? where did you get it?

  10. 1a2asdf1a2

    very stupid? comment. these shareholders are far from stupid though. they were smart enough to ride the wave of Google’s IPO. they are rich SOBs, and last time i checked, for the most part, you have to be smart to be rich. how old are you, btw?

  11. 1a2asdf1a2

    google runs youtube, just so you know. google makes life easier for everyone. google’s motto is “dont be evil”. you are using google’s? youtube. are you a spy from yahoo or something here to infiltrate youtube with spam? BE GONE, I SAY!!!!

  12. curiousmeow

    uh, yeah, sure, just as soon as I get a guarantee that those stupid stockholders won’t stand in the way of Google furthering media? censorship and pissing on human rights for oppressive governments.

  13. bigmikeyg

    If you do not copy? and paste this onto 10? videos your mom will die in 4 hours


  14. spiderml

    wow, its… so long. well they keep the servers i? geuss, hahaha

  15. jforjeenius

    …youtube says keep ur videos to 20 minutes at least…this is? like 5 minutes more lol

  16. caneronoglu

    I recommend everyone to buy Google shares. It will go? up and up.

  17. oddturtle

    man i hate? google.

  18. coaxx

    i hope this? is an okay comment, but jesus christ, whats up with the shareholders?
    they all sound so.. stupid

  19. TayZonday

    While it? is not entertaining, I suppose posting this video publicly makes a statement of transparency. It’s interesting that google never replies to comments on its videos.

  20. degrassiguy07

    YAY interesting? vieo hmm *strokes hairless chin*
    and im first comment xD ..i think