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Get Your Blog Indexed by Google Faster

Get Your Blog Indexed by Google Faster

So you made a blog and wrote many articles. You are updating your blog every day with new articles and great stuff but all your surprise, your blog’s traffic is increasing lat snail’s pace!!! What’s wrong? There may be many reasons but one of the most important is that your blog is not getting indexed in Google.

What can you do to get it indexed faster?

1. First submit your blog to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

2. Login to your Google Webmaster account. You can do it through your Google account.

3. Click on Add a site and enter your blog address.

4. You will have to verify your account. Webmaster will tell you step by step how to do it.

5. After verifying your blog’s, you need to input a sitemap address. Click on your blog address on the home page of your webmaster tools.

Then on the left hand side, click on site configuration and then sitemaps. Then click on submit a sitemap and in that enter your feed address as –

6. It will take time before Google indexes all your pages and all of them become visible in Google search.

7. Now every time you post a new post, it will get automatically indexed as soon as 30 minutes through your feeds.

8. Usually, amateur bloggers don’t link their blog posts well enough so that Google Bot don’t get a link to every post of your blog. It is a wise thing to post a blog post with the header “My Blog’s Posts” in your blog. If you have a high number of posts already and you don’t want this post to come to your home page, you can post it in a back date by going into the post options while writing the post. It should look something like THIS.

9. Finally, while writing posts, make sure you use keywords carefully so that it’s search becomes better in search engines .

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