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Get More Backlinks With Three Easy Tips

Get More Backlinks With Three Easy Tips

Article by Ray Kirby

Get More Backlinks With Three Easy Tips – Business

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A very important part of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is building high quality inbound links. Although links pointing to your site are a vital factor in your search engine ranking , there are other factors, as well. When you rank higher on search engines you receive more traffic on your site, all from including high quality inbound links. This article provids you with 3 simple tips to improve your site’s ranking through building better backlinks.

Leveraging Non Profit Resources

Blogs, which everyone knows are used by successful sites to post breaking news and pertinent facts as a marketing tool for potential followers, have expanded in popularity lately. Using a blog on your website gives you an advantage over smaller websites that have yet to figure out the relevant value provided by the blog. Blogging helps you by helping you build your brand and by producing quality links. How does this happen? Once people know you are posting relevant and high quality content on your blog, they will want to return to it. Conversely, you may also search for blogs that you find interesting and relevant to your own website and link back to them. It may even be beneficial if you connect with bloggers who are from a different market, but that will compliment the information you provide in your blog. The way to spread the word about your blog and get quality backlinks is to give away useful information in the form of tips and techniques. Turn it into an important resource for the people in your market. The act of building better links will be a result of getting a foothold in your niche market, especially once people realize you are competent.

Social websites are another way to gain quality link backs for your website.

Manual back links have benefits but require a bigger time devotion. While there are a number of ways to automate the whole process, spending time getting backlinks manually can prove to be a really good time investment. Look at a website such as, it is one of the best article directories on the web and you can use it to manually build your back links. The time you invest will pay off when you start to drive more traffic to your website and see a huge boost in traffic. Rather than spreading yourself thin across too many sites when manually building links just focus on publishing on a few high profile article directories such as and once again, your goal is to reap the highest benefit possible from the least amount of work.

Anchor Text is Viatl to Your Links

In order to build quality backlinks that are recognized by search engines , you need to incorporate anchor text into them. All anchor text is, is the text that has your link in it. The importance of anchor text has been defined by many SEO experts, since Google gives a lot of weight to a link that’s binded within this text. If one of your keywords is “free widgets”, all you need to do is anchor the link to your site within those words. While many websites use their company name in the anchor text, this is not the best idea. The keywords that you insert must have some relevance to your link, this is very important. If you use keywords that are not relevant to your site, you may lose Google rankings. So, this becomes a terrific avenue for building backlinks that will be counted by Google, and continues to add even more juice to that link juice container of yours.

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An internet marketer based in London

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Ray Kirby

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An internet marketer based in London

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines

whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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