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Get Backlinks – A Fast Backlinking Strategy

Get Backlinks - A Fast Backlinking Strategy The research about the power of backlinks and how to go about backlinking in a time efficient manner for a quick increase in search engine position. Watch and then visit Transcript A Beginners Guide to Backlinks Google is the dominant search engine accounting for 75% of all searches. However Google does not make public how to get your site to rank on page one of the Google search results. The best research on this issue can be done in the following ways a) You can ask consultants about their observations. These would be experts to manage hundreds of websites for clients and then look for consistency in what the experts say about achieving a high search engine position. b) Secondly, you could do your own experiments by creating multiple websites and then testing different variables or you could use SEOmoz who is already done both of these and we will look at their data on the next page. You can see from the data gathered from consultants and from actual experiments that SEOmoz has determined that back links quantity and quality are the number one determinant of search engine rank accounting for 42% of the entire formula. SEOmoz has done the following experiments to show that back links work quickly and effectively. Experiment 1 Bought a link for a three word phrase with a Keyword Difficulty Score of 30% Directed it at an SEOmoz blog post with the term in the body, but not in the title tag Ranking before link purchase: #458 Ranking after link
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