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George Lucas Strikes Back {HD Trailer}

Not all men are created prequel. Written & Directed by Bridge Stuart & Mike Litzenberg Cinematography by Andrew Crighton Featuring “Ahead of Us the Secret” by Wild Orchid Children ADR Recorded by Ian Blackman Party Scene Sound by Brendan Johnson Bridge Stuart as George Lucas Marc Moseley as Party Toaster Lacy Hornick as Marcia Lisa Summerscales as Hollywood Report Anchor John Gilchrist as Businessman On His Cell Phone Mike Litzenberg as John Williams, Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Jar Jar Binks, Greedo Julie Warnock as Princess Leia Kyle Isao as Short Round Zach Bourque as Steven Spielberg James Roehl as Unmasked Clone Trooper David Cronin as Spock Party Goers: Izumi Alvarado, Pamela Cedar, Brendan Johnson, Catherine Lydon, Alexander Sanchez Ninjas: Eliot Dewberry, Wes Dewberry, John Gilchrist Clone Troopers: Matt Biron, Eliot Dewberry, John Gilchrist, JJ Meston, Terrence Scott, Nick Stewart Special Thanks to: Josh Funk, Mark Kienlen, Dave & Cathy Litzenberg, Loyola Marymount University, Revolver Films, The Second City Network, Bridge & Debra Stuart
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. redcorpse

    That’s because it? is.

  2. ben102ben102ben102

    Star wars Revenge of the Sith was my favorite? movie in the series. I hate how people act like it is bad

  3. silver5790

    I wonder when he is going to sell skywalker ranch.Looks? like his so called friends near by are getting sick of him and the ranch.George you do not have close by friends only the ones truly around you.

  4. silver5790

    Good? old george.

  5. jellosquishier

    He shot? first!

  6. kilmindaro3

    If only…?

  7. camdenma


  8. 1665to1666

    More Jar? Jar on my channel

  9. Tang014

    omg i wanna see? this!!

  10. UltimateTibu

    This was the stupidest thing I ever saw. I want those 3? minutes and 13 seconds of MY LIFE BACK YOU JERK!!!

  11. logmein84

    the new hobo? with a shot gun

  12. TheJAndVChannel

    what the hell? that? was halairious

  13. Tr33fiddy

    I KNEW? it was Spock!

  14. 1990osu

    I have footage of “old George” on my channel and all I have to say is…he comes off as? a completely different, humbler person then.

  15. zorokism

    This makes to much sence to? be fiction

  16. Usernamesarebunk420

    and BTW just? a fucking great video you guy did…

  17. Usernamesarebunk420

    Ironic, the ad that decidedd to play before I watched this, was none other? then Red Tails….now to watch it someday to find out it sucks…

  18. 16SarahE

    218 people got jipped ? by the fake George Lucas….

  19. THEjimboTV

    Like this comment if you want them to make this into a short? film! 😀

  20. ihsaraaa

    Is? that possible?

  21. ihsaraaa

    God I wish this was the way it really happened. Then maybe he could make actually awesome prequels. Maybe.?

  22. tuananhxu991

    michael j? fox

  23. 1JOE4U

    jesus christ, it’s just a? movie!

  24. 2206411411

    This definitely needs to be made.?