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Free SEO Blog Software has Traffic Getting Technology

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  3. ThisFlat

    I just downloaded your plugin. I have to say, it’s? impressive. Looking forward to the results, but I”m having a little issue. I’m in my WordPress Dashboard and when I click on the plugins section under the SEO tool. I get the page that says I don’t have certain plugins installed. Then I try to install them, with the link given, but it’s not working. I’ve found a few manually. Please help. Am I doing something wrong?

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  5. ThaHotCoolDude

    Hey great video, and nice to meet you? also

  6. barepaw1950

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  10. lnkee

    Hey Jeff, awesome information you are sharing and glad I stumbled onto your video. I also went to your blog and see what’s on there as? well. Very valuable information both ways here and your blog. Thanks again. Lani

  11. ShaqirHussyin

    Awesome? Jeff, Thanks Alot

  12. madbab00n

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  13. true1star

    Really great information, Jeff. Newbies and experts alike can learn a lot from your clean and direct, NO BS, presentations… Personally, I appreciate the info without getting constantly bombarded? with a sales message.

    Thanks, JT

  14. ebeanbee

    My point was, too many web 2.0 gurus? are not offering REAL VALUE. You’re still new to me Jeff, so I’ll give it all a try. Thanks for the offer, I look forward to learning something new and getting some real results for the projects I am trying to market.

  15. ebeanbee

    If he’s enabling me to generate traffic, and all for free, of *course* I’m going? to want to work with him in the future to generate MORE money with his know-how FROM the money he helps me make for FREE NOW. If I can’t afford him NOW, why would I spend the money? (I CAN’T!). I’m learning web 2.0. I need exposure. I’ll be checking this out Jeff. It sounds great, I hope it is all that is being claimed. It’s what I’ve been looking for; just a small piece of the pie. I’ll get greedy later ;->.

  16. jeffjohnsonvideos

    try to keep the initial pages to a few hundred or less and then add around 10 or 20 a day.

    This particular site had too many pages too quickly and the traffic dropped from 2100 a day to the present 600 a day as a result; some engines don’t like it…. but others still do. And social media, blogs and? bookmarks still send traffic and that’s how we designed it. post to my blog for a better answer… running out of space for comments on youtube

  17. TheBlueCougars

    Hi Jeff..

    I? wonder if you could you tell us how many pages this site had in this first month it got all those visitors.. I thought we had to be careful how many pages we use on a new site..

    thanks David