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Free Internet Speed Test ( is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their Internet connection. With you can test internet speed. Are you getting what you are paying for ? Download Speed is the speed at which data is being sent from internet to computer. Upload Speed is the speed at which data is being sent from computer to internet. Our PING tool works by sending a packet (a piece of a message) to a specified IP address, and then waiting for a reply. PING tools are useful for determining whether a distant computer is successfully linked to the network, whether a particular IP address exists and is currently working, and for checking how fast the current connection is. A PING tool can also be used for diagnosing IP network or router failures. With the SEO Analysis Tool is to help you analyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pages. It is all in one a quality solution for effecient insight of your website. This tool provides a comprehensive report on page ranking from Alexa and siteadvisor , indexed pages and inbound links from google, yahoo bing and alexa , dmoz listing and much more other useful information.It doesn’t only analyze the Meta Tags of your pages, rather it tries to use the same spider technology as the search engine spiders themselves. dns lookup tool enables finding the IP address achieved by searching the DNS (Domain Name Servers) until a match on the domain name is found. This process is also known as DNS
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