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Free Energy with Equivalent Exchange – Andrakon Plays Technic! S2E2

I get my stuff together and start building some Equivalent Exchange Energy Collectors after a brief nether run. I find something really odd in the nether by the way. Later I get a basic Industrialcraft workshop put together. Most of the major mods have a wiki of their own. If you have questions don’t be afraid to google it! To get the Technic pack go to and download the launcher. I am using Technic version 7.2.6 To add in Forestry go to and get Forestry Client and Unzip the Forestry folder to a regular folder, put the unzipped forestry folder in your mods folder in .techniclauncher/technicssp Also look on forestry’s download page for the NEI plugin link. Click the link and download the one that says NEI and put that in your mods folder too. Legal for Minecraft This video is footage of Minecraft, a video walk through, and my commentary. As stated at “You’re free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game”.
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25 Responses

  1. BadashGames

    You have to empty it to 0? first and take everything out of it. If it has a negative number you have to put stuff in it until it is 0

  2. sprite519

    how come when i use my transmutation tablet it will not switch modes? it always stays in matter and i cannot make fuel?

  3. mcsquidles121

    You should try bluexephos texture pack i use it its? Nice

  4. elementalfact0r

    Very nice!

  5. rlkio12345678910

    i? know now i dident know how to spell it when i was writing the commet

  6. kebubas

    BDCraft by sphax is probably the best one I’ve seen (at least? best of the ones with compatability with technik) give it a look, maybe you’ll like it 🙂

  7. bladeedge1001

    badash, if you want to use coal to power your ic2 stuff (which i do not? recommend) you can turn a stack of coal into four stacks of charcoal and get (basically) four times the fuel for every coal you have with EE.

  8. EpicFrogzacula

    You? are my favorite youtuber

  9. TheFearOfLegends

    dude? really…. get some help orso XD

  10. BadashGames

    Haha, thats pretty funny, when I think of the word taint, I thought it had a sexual? meaning. xD

  11. BadashGames

    I haven’t gone looking for a good technic texture pack yet. Also I am just? used to the default texture pack.

  12. TheFearOfLegends

    that purple shit is called taint…?

  13. Xxnugget1xX

    it just doesnt let me mine or delete blocks but i can do everything? else

  14. PlaupLP

    If somebody mix german with english,? it sounds like shit -.-

  15. Tuobeb24

    If you’re using the technicpack, simply download forestry and paste a copy into your mods folder appdata/roaming/.techniclauncher/technicssp/mods | if you’re installing it to your vanilla minecraft, install minecraft forge and then do the same as stated previously. with the directory differed slightly. If you have ID conflicts simply delete the config file that corresponds to the problem and restart minecraft. At least that’s how I do? it and I have no problems.

  16. Tuobeb24

    whats the? problem?

  17. Tuobeb24

    What is your reason for using? default textures as opposed to others?

  18. yohansir

    Build a quarry running on steam engines just power them with lava which you can get from? the nether.

  19. Xxnugget1xX

    i cant mine on? my technic help!!!

  20. Doom12LegoFan

    Andrakon! I reccomend teaching charcoal to your transmutation tablet, because? 1 coal is equivalent to 4 charcoal. So you can have 4 times more energy produced for example a generator. Including torches.

  21. Brandon Ali

    ooo thanks man i can sleep at? night now LOL hey would you ever show us who you are?

  22. Scepto100

    if you find something called tungsten ore you can burn that in the? transmulation table and then yuo get over 20,000 emc o_o if…you did’nt know

  23. BadashGames

    I was going to build next to that monolith too, and have it as a centerpiece to a garden, but it wasn’t there… :,(?

  24. BadashGames

    I re-genereated the map in? creative mode and quickly found it. But when I looked with my current version I am playing on the purple mass wasn’t there at all! The particular map im playing on did not generate some of the thaumcraft stuff the same every time. For instance there is an Eldritch monolith that generates really close to the village that is not there in my current map.

  25. BadashGames

    That is a thaumcraft silverwood tree. It helps purify and grow the local aura.?