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Free Backlink Creator and Indexer Tool

Free Tool Creates 70 Backlinks to high traffic websites getting your website indexed by major search engines fast. Download free

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23 Responses

  1. matthew mawby

    post your backlinks on our? forum for free visit freebacklinks . truhoster . com

  2. dcorpuz88

    Genius man!! Thank you! :)?

  3. 1mauddy

    can? someone plz give me the activation key i never received one

  4. haddad16332

    i just did every thing and generated 70 back links to my website !!! NOW WHAT ?????

    there is back link diagnosis to check if you have back links attached to your website do you recommend i check after 5 hours or what ????
    So that means i have? back links to my website .
    so it will rank better with Google search engine .

    thanks anyways .

  5. pcmobile1

    Great. I will? try it

  6. 1mauddy

    never received a code


    go to? goo(DOT)gl/DmQMm for free backlinks

  8. Laplaya1981

    i installed it but what’s? the activation code?

  9. ant182able

    does? not work

  10. 1kevin09

    did? it really work (backlink creator?)

  11. shanesmithtravel

    It worked I think, I’ll be back to let you know how it? performed.

  12. masterhogan1


  13. NFS13EPIC

    im here? cause of vegex

  14. berlusconi22

    why there are 760? thumbs up and just 5 comments :)?

  15. SkinnyBody2

    It’s not working? for me, I can’t get it to download.

  16. SkinnyBody2

    It’s not working? for me, I can’t get it to download

  17. lnunn1

    I never seen that before, I would say as long as it looks like? they are done in the window should be good

  18. lnunn1

    You just do the main domain, google will crawl your website to? find internal pages

  19. lnunn1

    No Pay its? FREE Forever

  20. working2helpyou

    I downloaded the? Indexer & it worked GREAT! Question after it’s done submitting backlinks & you get the message box “task has been completed” it looks like the green status bar is still loading? should I keep it still running or is it okay to close out the window? I’m assuming the message indicator completes the download? Great video by the way! 2 thumbs up!

  21. Leiif3

    Can you do internal pages or just the? main domain?

  22. lnunn1

    No payments at all FREE? Forever!

  23. XxcalvindudexX

    So. Do you have? to pay regulary?