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Free Backlink Builder Social Monkee Will Explode Your Traffic Today!

Free Backlink Builder Social Monkee Will Explode Your Traffic Today!

Article by Eric Burnett


The most important thing to help you drive more traffic to your site is good search engine ranking and to achieve this you need to get backlinks to your site and apply the power of Social Monkee. Having nicely written and optimized content helps but just remember backlinks is the number one factor in the equation, you should learn everything you can about it.

Once you master the technique on how to generate backlinks and how to constantly get backlinks on a daily basis your website will certainly will become more popular and start dropping ranking quickly.

Get Massive Backlinks To Your Site With Social Monkee

Social Monkee

Would you like to get backlinks to your website everyday for FREE? Social Monkee is a great service that will provide you a way to get backlinks everyday and the good part about it is it wont cost you a dime. The service is really easy to use, all you have to do is provide them with your URL and then the magic begins!!! You start to get backlinks everyday.

Social Monkee has two different memberships:

1. The first one is the free membership which allows you to submit one URL to 25 sites once per day (this option is pretty cool because all you have to do is submit your URL and sit back and let social monkee go to work for you.)

2. The second option is the one I prefer if your serious about building your business and wanting to get some major traffic to your website. The premium option which has a one-time payment of $ 47 (this is the cheapest way I know of to get hundreds of backlinks to your website basically on auto-pilot) this option gives you the ability to submit 1 URL to 100 site, 3 times a day.

That’s 300 backlinks per day with one click of your mouse. “HOW EASY CAN IT GET”!!!

Social Monkee is also doing something that will knock your socks off.

You can upgrade your account for free if you refer just 12 members to Social Monkee. Just tell your friends and send emails to your list, your facebook friends, twitter followers. anyone who has a website will certainly be excited to get some free backlinks on a regular basis.

Are These Backlinks Any GOOD? How Will They Help My Website !

The owners of Social Monkee have 100 social bookmarking website which they have exclusive right to. They are mostly PR-O, PR 1 and PR 2 but just an FYI, It’s 300 backlinks a day so they will still count and have a MAJOR effect on your website ranking & traffic.

The good thing about this service and it’s worth it’s weight in GOLD is that after your submissions they give you a direct list of the live links resulted from your submission and a RSS Feed for every project. What I do with these links is I take them and run them through a service called Ping Device, that lets the search engines know about them.Is There a Limit to How Many Backlinks You Can Get To your Site?

There is not a limit to how many backlinks you can get to your website, the more the merrier. There are some rules to this and the golden one is that you should NEVER submit the same URL more than once. The reason for this is if you try to get backlinks from the same 100 sites over and over again from the same URL your site and the other site will both get penalized. GOOGLE does not like this type of behavior, and it is always a good thing to stay on google’s good side cause they can ruin your business with a click of the finger.Social Monkee

Before I end this I’m going to state one more thing, if you have a website with only a few pages and you don’t update it very often there is only a limited amount of backlinks you can get to your website. But most of the people that will read this article are probably internet marketers, so if you update your website and publish content to it on a regular basis, then social monkee is a closed eye no brainer for you! It’s like asking someone “do you want to go on this incredible vacation in the bahama’s for free? Some people could still say no 🙂 but most people will take the offer in a second.

As tough as it was to find some con’s to this service, I still could’t think of one. I use this service everyday and I’m a fully upgraded member, so I just wanted to spread the word about it because I think it is one of those tools that is really worth it and you cant afford to not use it to build your business. What do you have to lose.

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