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Free Authority Backlinks | Get Fast Free One Way Backlinks We all know that getting one way backlinks from authority sites is the quickest way to boost our blogs search engine rankings . This video shows how to get fast authority backlinks for free Backlinks from huge authority sites like youtube, squidoo, hubpages etc count for a lot in Googles eyes even if the page on the authority site isn’t massive. What really matters is the “Domain Authority”, forget all about PR it is not a good indicator anymore. Squidoo has a domain authority rank of 91 which is massive and will give your domain a boost even if it is a so called “nofollow” link. Take 5 mins out of your day and go get your free authority backlinks now and see for yourself.

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  1. aumsachin

    Are squidoo links do follow links? I tried to search the link i added using your direction but couldnt? locate the url in the html code. Good video though!